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The Twilight of the United States!

By David J. Smith
July 15, 2006

Luther H. Gulick, Charles E. Merriam, and Louis Brownlow were hired by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and became the central figures in the early planning for the overthrow of the American government. One of their intentions was to abolish the states and replace them with “regions.” They conceived the methodologies and techniques now being used in the gradual step-by-step transformation of the United States FROM a republic INTO a link in a socialist world order. They used the word “democracy” as a stand-in word for communist/socialist practices and principles that were to come.

Luther Gulick expressed his feelings for the states in this way: “Is the state the appropriate instrumentality for the discharge of important functions? The answer is not a matter of conjecture, or delicate appraisal. It’s a matter of brutal record: The American states is finished! I do not predict that the states will go! I affirm that they have gone!”

Charles E. Merriam was the go-between for the Rockefeller family and Franklin D. Roosevelt. He stated: “Fortunately, our Constitution is broad enough in its terms, flexible enough in its spirit, and capable of liberal enough interpretation by the judiciary to permit the adaptation of democracy to changing conditions without serious difficulty.”

In his book, entitled: “On the Agenda of Democracy,” Merriam revealed what is meant by democracy. It means the adoption of communist/socialist principles and goals. Many gradual step-by-step alterations were introduced leading toward the decline and eventual elimination of the state as an entity.

Charles E. Merriam was the mentor to F.D.R. and was funded by the Rockefeller family. He was acclaimed to be the father of the behavioral approach to political science. He held three Master degrees in subjects dealing with people, politics, and power. These subjects were co-ordinated in his mind enabling him to plan out and chart the road to a socialist U.S.A.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a socialist. F.D.R.’s casual manner, and his father-like appearance gave confidence to the nation in the Depression days. He collaborated with Alger Hiss, the convicted communist spy, who drafted the United Nations Charter. The U.N. is just another plan for overthrowing the American system of government.

President George W. Bush, like all other presidents in both parties, venerates Franklin D. Roosevelt. Bush, just as all presidents before him, adheres to the doctrine of F.D.R. and his mentor, Charles E. Merriam. Merriam summed up his doctrine by saying: “Revolution is the old way! The new way is Education, Persuasion, Co-Operation, and Participation.” Merriam set the course for F.D.R. and all future presidents on how to discreetly “… bring in socialism [communism] …” In Merriam’s book entitled “On the Agenda of Democracy,” he advocated and defined communism, but he deliberately labeled it “democracy.” By using “democracy” as the “stand-in” word, they would be able to gradually convert America into a socialist/communist country.

Regarding the tactics they would use, one of the revealing statements [quoted before] Merriam made was: “Fortunately, our Constitution is broad enough in its terms, flexible enough in its spirit, and capable of liberal enough interpretation by the judiciary to permit the adaptation of democracy to changing conditions without serious difficulty.”

The idea was to get past the people’s objection, to daunt their resistance by bringing in communism on the coattails of the Constitution; and by cloaking it with Constitutional rhetoric, they could justify and force its acceptance. Essentially, what he was saying is that the socialists could USE the Constitution to successfully bring in communism WITHOUT the people catching on! Obviously, Merriam’s technique has worked. F.D.R. instituted that method in government, and every president since has operated under it with the help of well trained advisors by the Council on Foreign Relations.

President Bush is so obvious in his adherence to Merriam’s instruction by his most frequent use of persuasion. “Just trust me” he pleads as he converts the U.S.A. into a dictatorship type of government under the name of “Homeland Security” – something so necessary to the New World Order! F.D.R.’s “New Deal” previously consolidated much power at the federal level and led to the breakdown of local control in cities all over the nations. “Human Rights,” “Four Freedoms,” “Regional Government,” Redevelopment, the “General and Complete Disarmament Program,” (including taking guns away from law-abiding citizens), Unification of Laws, the United Nations, etc., all can be documented in their origin in the Franklin D. Roosevelt time period.

Roosevelt and Merriam broke ground for every president that followed to subvert and use the Constitution to usher in socialism/communism in the name of “democracy.” The “New Deal” at that time was also called the “New World Moral Order.” They laid out the plans and structure, which is why so many presidents pay tribute to Franklin D. Roosevelt, regardless of party. Truly, Charles E. Merriam and F.D.R. are the phantoms behind the scene that began to institute socialism /communism in America.

Truly, we are at the twilight of our once greatness. Communism destroys and rebuilds society in its own image – dictatorship. President Bush stated it would be easier to rule if he were a dictator. He nearly is and Congress will do nothing to prevent it. Jesus Christ has taken His hand away from America!

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