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Watching – But Not Fanaticism!

By David J. Smith
August 12, 2006

Jesus said in His discourse to the disciples in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21 to Watch. He made His statement as He closed His discourse on events that would lead to the “end of the age” and His return as “King of kings and Lord of lords.”

The original disciples all died and are waiting for the resurrection. Jesus’ statement to Watch world events was obviously for those who lived in the days leading to His return. He inspired Daniel to give us a clue by saying that easy world travel would be the norm of the day. Also, in Chapter 12 verse 4 Daniel wrote that knowledge would increase.

We are to Watch, but we are not to be fanatics that creates “fear” in others as we discuss world events. Right in the middle of Jesus’ instructions concerning the “end of the age” in Luke 21: 9, He said be not terrified. All of these events tell us that God is true in all His statements.

There are many people who understand the conspiracy for a one-world-government with the loss of our national sovereignty, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. They love America and freedom. There is one problem: they do not understand God’s program for the human race. They constantly tell of the horrible things these conspirators are doing while not giving God’s solution. They constantly create “fear” in people who do not know God’s program for the human race.

Jesus said: “Perfect love casts out fear.” We can see with our own eyes and hear with our ears and grasp with our mind the terrifying events all around us, but fear has no place in our lives because we understand what death and the resurrection is all about.

Our government uses “fear” tactics to move us in the direction they want. Remember how they, for no reason, would raise the color of alert higher just to create fear in the American people that another terrorist attack was likely? We are to develop the perfect love of God that casts out fear.

We Watch as Jesus said, so we can see our hope of a new body and the Kingdom of God coming closer. We do not Watch to stimulate “fear” within ourselves or others! We are not to be fanatics about watching world events. These events are to testify to the truth of our Savior’s words and give us hope!

In Luke 21: 36 the word “watch” has a dual meaning. One is to watch for these events to arrive signaling the “end of the age.” Watch also means our character development. We can know it has a dual meaning because of the ending phrase – and to stand before the Son of man.

Watching world events is to possibly escape all these things that are coming upon the earth in a protected state. Watching our character development will determine whether we stand before the Son of man with a new glorified body in the resurrection.

While watching world events, how many of us are looking for and overcoming stubbornness in our lives? Are we casting it out, so character development can be achieved? How many men are watching world events but are blind to the scripture that tells us to love our wives as our own body? How many women are watching world events and deliberately ignoring the scripture that says to be obedient or in subjection to your husband? The husband-wife relationship pictures Christ and the church.

While watching world events, do we still have a mouth that could kill someone’s reputation by slandering them? Do we pass on unverifiable statements about others that assassinates their character?

While being watchful of world events, do we have the love of God that passes all understanding living deep within us? In the midst of watching these events unfold before our eyes, do we have peace of mind?

Is watching world events more important that developing self-control? Is watching world events more important that having gentleness built into us by God’s Holy Spirit? While watching world events, are we failing to develop joy in our character.

While watching world events, are we ignoring faith – total reliance upon God to take us through these ugly conditions that will engulf the earth?

Where do we stand on both matters – watching world events with a proper frame of mind and developing the character necessary to be received of our Savior?

World events are rushing toward completion. Is our character development on the same or faster pace? I pray so!!!

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