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Knowledge Shall Increase

By David J. Smith
August 26, 2006

God inspired His prophet Daniel to give two indicators of the close of the age and the coming establishment of His Kingdom to supercede all other kingdoms of man. It is found in Daniel 12: 4 – “But you, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book [so no one could understand its meaning], even to the time of the end:many shall run to and fro [world travel], and KNOWLEDGE shall be increased.”

We can look around and see tremendous progress since the 1890s in automotive production, steam engines, and the discovery of flight. We have seen interstate highways built and quick travel between cities. We have seen the good and devastating effects of flight – passenger flights and war machines to kill!

We have witnessed skyscraper buildings that were built to withstand earthquakes. The computer and electronics industry seemingly is always coming up with something knew and faster. When we purchase a faster, more advanced computer, it is nearly obsolete when we un-package it and proudly set it up for use. Truly, Solomon was correct when he wrote “and there is no new thing under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1: 9).

Archeology has proven there was a “golden age” of understanding that dwarfs our modern achievements. For instance, on a tremendously high and nearly straight up mountain in the Andes Mountains of Peru, South America, a city was discovered. It had many terraces that ran a distance down the mountainside. The city is perched on a very narrow peak hidden by the clouds. Massive stones were taken from quarries, some 250 miles away, and somehow transported straight up to the top of the mountain. These huge stones weighed tons each. Each massive stone was placed in the exact location to build an earthquake-proof city! Other cities are being found in these dense jungles in South America that are just as surprising as this one described.

On one of the tops of the Andes Mountain Range was discovered a runway for taking off and landing for aircraft. Truly, there is nothing new under the sun. Just when we thought we are the most advanced civilization that has ever lived, we find buildings and mysteries that dwarf our abilities. Surely, God had at one time revealed certain principles upon which those before and shortly after the great Deluge in Noah’s day built upon – hidden knowledge of which modern scientists know nothing.

The knowledge that prevailed before the flood became so perverted that it is no wonder why God wiped out the pre-flood world. Of course, Satan and one-third of the rebelling angels did not help; rather, they encouraged the perversion. Suddenly, about 200 angels decided among themselves to co-habit with human women (Genesis 6: 1-4). The perversion grew worse. Gene-splicing became common. The “fallen” angels taught “witchcraft” and how to conjure them up for evil purposes. They taught mankind to create “new” species in the laboratories by gene-splicing.

According to archeological finds, the ancients learned the technique of softening the hardest of rock formations to a “putty” like substance, put hand or feet prints or whatever they chose and harden the rock again to its original hardness. Modern scientists have never even entertained such technology.

The ancients understood the atom and its make-up – a nucleus with orbiting particles that looks like a miniature solar system. In many unearthed documents – from India to Babylon and beyond – it was obvious they understood atomic warfare and described the results of actual wars. “… and there is no new thing under the sun.”

They had a source of energy that we do not understand. Many people have speculated that thousands of men would surround a huge block of rock weighing 20 tons and lift and carry it to the top of the pyramids. That would have been physically impossible. There would not be enough room to stand for thousands of strong men. Unearthed writings revealed an energy source that used the sun to lift and levitate any size object. These 20-60 ton perfectly shaped stones were lifted and placed with such precision that a knife blade could not fit between the stones. This is true even to this day.

The Biblical phrase “God is GREAT” surely fits the technology that He revealed to them at the beginning.

Can you and I imagine the beauty and splendor of “New Jerusalem” that the Father will bring down out of heaven when His plan of salvation is finished? What energy source will He use to levitate a city as huge as New Jerusalem? We have no idea as yet! We will have 1,000 years under Christ’s rule to learn. The “golden age” of the past will pale into insignificance by comparison!!!

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