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No New Thing Under the Sun!

By David J. Smith
December 23, 2006

Most people would never let a thought such as nuclear war in 3000 B.C. as having been possible. They would think you were just released from the “funny farm” if you suggested such a possibility.

However, whole civilizations with very advanced technology suddenly disappeared. Why? What happened to them? Archaeologists unearthed very strange looking fused greenish sand over many parts of the globe during the 19th and 20th centuries. They had no idea what caused such fused sand, building blocks, and bricks! UNTIL:

The atomic bomb experiments began to be unleashed in New Mexico, followed by Nevada. They found the same fused greenish sand as they had found in Ur of the Chaldeas, Africa, the Gobi Desert, Mongolia, India, Pakistan, the United States’ Mohave Desert, and Death Valley in California, etc.!

Documents were preserved in India that gave exact descriptions of radioactive sickness as we have found after dropping the two atomic bombs on Japan during World War II. The preserved documents described the long-term effects the fallout had upon people – exactly as described in the 20th and 21st centuries.

…and there is NO new thing under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1: 9, last).

In 1998, India surprised the CIA and nearly everyone else except Pakistan by setting off several underground nuclear explosions. Pakistan, claiming self-defense, followed suit. What would actually happen if India and Pakistan [or any country for that matter] had a nuclear exchange?

According to statistics from the Japanese drops, nine out of ten people who die from a nuclear blast do not die of the explosion itself. Those within approximately a six square mile area, for a one megaton blast, will be close enough to “ground zero” to be killed by the gamma rays emitting from the blast. Ghostly shadows of these people will be formed on any concrete or stones that they are standing upon, and they will be vaporized. They literally will not know what hit them because they will be vaporized before the electrical signals from their sense organs can reach their brains. Of the many victims of a nuclear war, these will be the luckiest ones.

Outside the circle where people will be instantly vaporized from the initial gamma radiation blast, the light from the explosion, which is many times hotter than the sun, is so bright that it will immediately and permanently blind every living thing, including farm animals – including cows, sacred or not – pets, birds while in flight, Maharajahs and government officials, as well as soldiers.

This will happen for up to ten miles around in every direction – all from a one-megaton bomb! The blindness could reach further for those who might be looking toward the blast at the moment of detonation. Even from fifty miles away, a one-megaton blast will be many times brighter than the noonday sun. Those looking directly at the blast will have a large spot permanently burned into their retinas, where the light receptor cells will have been destroyed. The huge bright cloud being nearly instantly formed in front of them will be the last clear image these people will ever see.

Most people who will die from the nuclear explosion will not die in the initial gamma ray blast, nor in the multi-spectral heat blast of mostly X-ray and ultraviolet wavelengths which will come about a tenth of a second after the gamma burst; nor will the pressure wave which follows over the next few seconds kill most of them, though it will cause bleeding from every orifice. Most people will not be killed by the momentary high winds that accompany the pressure wave. These winds will reach velocities of hundreds of miles an hour near the epicenter of the blast, and will reach velocities of 70 miles per hour as far as six miles from the blast – for a one-megaton blast. The high winds and flying debris will cause shrapnel-type wounds and blunt object-trauma injuries.

Later, the survivors will begin to suffer from vomiting, skin rashes, and an intense unquenchable thirst as their hair falls out in clumps. Their skin will begin to peel off. These are the exact symptoms described in unearthed documents in India and could not be understood until the modern atomic bomb was detonated. These symptoms occur because the internal molecular structure of the living cells within the body begins to break down, a result of the disruptive effects of the high radiation dose they received. All animals will experience similar suffering. Since people have already received the dose, these effects will show up even if the people are immediately evacuated from the area. Evacuation seems highly unlikely because everything will be destroyed, and what would be left of the country would be at war.

The cloud from a one-megaton blast will reach nearly ten miles across and equally as high. Within an hour or so, the cloud will have largely dissipated, which means that its cargo of death [fallout] can no longer be tracked visually. People will need to be evacuated from under the fallout, but they will have a hard time knowing where to go IF they can be evacuated. Only for the first day or so will visible pieces of fallout appear on the ground. Afterward, the fallout will become invisible and harder to track. People will not know they are being affected UNTIL the symptoms begin to appear. The vast majority of deaths will occur weeks and months into the future from the contaminated ground, food, water, and nearly anything we touch.

Truly, Jesus said in Matthew 24: 21-22 that GREAT TRIBULATION is coming – whether nuclear war, chemical-biological warfare, Planet X, asteroids, or comets! We can be protected – Luke 21: 36!!!

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