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Illegal = Illegal

By David J. Smith
December 30, 2006

Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary gives the following definition for ILLEGAL: “Not according to, or authorized by law; contrary to, or violating human law; unlawful; illicit.”

On the CNN Lou Dobb’s show for Dec. 26, 2006 there was a female guest host. She interviewed the mayor of a town that had passed ordinances forbidding illegal aliens from holding jobs, renting or buying a home, or travel through their town. The city has been sued by the American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU]. The mayor said the case would probably go all the way to the Supreme Court.

The host sitting in for Lou Dobbs NEVER asked a question concerning ILLEGAL status of these immigrants. The whole segment was to make anyone, in this case the mayor, look like a racial bigot for not allowing these illegal immigrants into the town with FULL rights as a citizen.

The ACLU would not appear on the show, but gave a written statement. The statement said the mayor could not and has not shown that these illegal aliens had caused any problem. The mayor whipped back that the city council had furnished a long list including murder before 100 witnesses. He made the ACLU look like just what they are – enemies of freedom in America.

The ACLU was founded by Marxist/ Communist Roger Baldwin. He stated the purpose of the ACLU was to bring about Socialism/Communism in America. Most of their affiliated lawyers do not understand nor are informed of their long-range objectives. The ACLU only takes cases that tend to undermine the Constitution and National Security. They pretend to be a patriotic group, but a review of the court cases that have hurt the cause of freedom is always an ACLU lawyer.

Not once mentioned by the stand-in for Lou Dobbs was the FACT that illegal aliens ARE ILLEGAL!!! They are in America contrary to our laws concerning legal immigration. Being an illegal alien makes you an automatic FELON!

Let an American get a speeding ticket, and you pay. Let an illegal alien come into our country in violation of the law, contrary to the law, unlawfully, and illicitly, and they receive welfare, free hospital care, and free education for their children. These are just a few reasons given by the mayor that was interviewed for closing the city to illegal aliens. He made it very clear that LEGAL immigrants were welcome, but not the illegal.

The purpose for allowing illegal aliens cross into the United States is to further weaken our nation internally. Those working for world government want the North American Community made up of Canada, Mexico, and the United States as a stepping-stone to world government. They have done the same with the European Union, SEATO, and now they are dividing up North and South America into two sections: 1) South America as one trading block, and 2) the North American Community as a further trading block.

Every trading block ends up eroding a nation’s national sovereignty and constitution that protects the people from a world tyranny. Communism said they would surround the United States, and it would be the last bastion of capitalism [freedom]. It would fall, and world government would be achieved.

Five major problems working against America are at work right now: 1) The Communist United Nations; 2) Russia pretending to collapse, so we would not look upon them as an enemy any longer; 3) Trade agreements with Central and South America that are stripping our national sovereignty; 4) Illegal immigration to over-burden our infrastructure and cause it to collapse; 5) Jihad declared by radical Islam because of American presence on sacred Islamic soil.

The average American knows nothing of these problems and WHY they are happening to us. The national news media, with one or two exceptions, suppress the truth. The major news media, located in New York, is controlled by individuals working for world government! The whole purpose of the media is to hide the truth from the American people by diverting their attention to foreign wars or scandals in government.

ILLEGAL = ILLEGAL!!! Your attention is never riveted to the FACT that illegals are law-breakers and felons! We hear every argument why they should be allowed to remain in America and take our jobs and use our welfare and educational system – but never the FACT that ILLEGAL = ILLEGAL no matter how you slice it!!!

However, Daniel 12: 7 [last] says that God will allow the scattering of the holy people. The Supreme Court on Feb. 29, 1892 declared we were and still are a Christian nation, founded upon Christian principles. That is why we are at war on every front – many still believe in the Bible and Jesus!

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