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Looking Back!

By David J. Smith
July 28, 2007

As I look back to 1980 when God called me into His ministry, not a ministry of man’s, I published the first Newswatch Magazine with the featured article “Iran Watch.” There were two reasons for the article: 1) to show that Iran would use its oil against the United States; and 2) that Iran was the old Persian Empire that is prophesied in Ezekiel 38 to align themselves with Communist Russia to destroy the United States of America.

That article has proven to be true by the actions of both Iran and Communist Russia and her Communist ally, North Korea. Russia has supplied Iran with vital components for her military, and now Russia and her ally, North Korea, are supplying Iran with nuclear components. This tells you that Communism is not dead, and they have not deviated from their plan to destroy the United States as Ezekiel 38 reveals they will attempt to do.

Note an article entitled: U.S. Sinks N. Korean Ship Bound for Iran. The article reveals that in July of 2007 the U.S. naval and air forces have intercepted two North Korean vessels secretly en route for Iran with cargoes of enriched uranium and nuclear equipment. North Koreas shut down of its Pongyong’s nuclear facilities has made these items a surplus to what is required by North Korea’s nuclear program, so Iran was more than willing to pay a high price for these items. The items that were sunk on July 12th in the North Korean ship could have cut a full year off Iran’s time table for building nuclear weapons. Iran certainly is in alignment with the Communist world in an effort to destroy the “Great Satan” – the United States.

In October of 1981, I was officially ordained by four ministers. The last minister asked God to set me aside for the ministry of prophecy, and it has been that way ever since.

Looking back to the early 1980s, I recall our June 1981 magazine with “bar codes” on the forehead of a man with the title: The ‘666’ System Is Here – Are You Watching? I went through a progression of steps to show that every “bar code” was encased in the number 666. We went step-by-step to show the progression toward a cashless, coinless, and checkless society. I wrote that it would start at the gasoline pump by using a credit or debit card. It would expand from there to grocery stores, which it did with the use of scanners to total the grocery bill.

Since then, tests have been run in England with a small chip with the person’s number that instantly transferred funds from the individuals to the stores’ bank account. Chips are being used in animals and children to track them. With all the drug wars in Mexico and police being killed, over 150 police and government officials have had chips placed in their bodies for protection. They can be traced by Global Positioning Satellites instantly anywhere they are taken. This type of branding is what those working for world government want – a means to control the population or cut them off from “buying or selling” in a cashless society.

It has taken 25 or so years, but it is all coming to pass right now.

We also published a magazine describing the Genocide Convention Treaty to the United Nations. We showed in graphic details that it was not designed to stop Genocide, the killing off of whole races or religious groups, because every Communist country signed it, and they were the only countries committing Genocide.

We showed from the language that it was designed to persecute and then shut down Christianity on a worldwide basis. Every State in the United States has already passed into law the Genocide Treaty. Those laws are called HATE CRIME LAWS. Why are they called that? Because these laws are designed to enforce one segment of the Treaty saying that if you cause someone MENTAL HARM you are guilty. Why do you think homosexuals are a protected group by calling their lifestyle simply their “sexual preference?” It is designed to stop ministers from preaching the Bible and what it says is a sin!!!

In looking back over the last 28 years, I can easily see that the very things we have discussed through the years as a means to fulfill Bible prophecy are happening. Even the more current statements concerning surrounding the United States and infiltration into our government in secret to change our system to comfortably merge us into a world government, are happening.

Jesus foretold through John’s writing of the Book of Revelation in chapter 13 that the final system would rise that hates Christians because Satan is giving it power. America is in deep trouble and its people are basically asleep. There was a time when God said don’t pray for this people. Is it now?

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