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Technology and the New World Order!

By David J. Smith
August 11, 2007

We live in a time when technology has made life easier and connected more people together than ever before. Homes are furnished with washing machines and dryers to make life easier. We have vacuum cleaners to save time and work. Refrigerators and freezers preserve food.

Automobiles, trucks, trains, and airplanes make travel easy, along with air conditioning. Horse drawn carriages, for the most part, are a thing of the past. The civilized world has it made as far as travel and comfort are concerned. There is also more crime than ever before. Is there a reason to allow crime or is it unpreventable?

The more crime the more the cry for a solution! The more crime the more cameras are needed to detect who committed the crime! England has installed over 400,000 cameras to prevent crime and help apprehend the criminals when a crime is committed. What does this begin to sound like? BIG BROTHER!!! Britain has become a surveillance society. You can hardly go outside of your home without being caught on 10-20 cameras on any given day.

The United States is following suit. Our local governments are installing cameras to catch automobile violators while driving. They take pictures of those who run yellow lights or red lights, make moving violations and simply bill you. No human eyewitness to testify against you in traffic court! You guessed it! The program is partially paid for by the federal government. Thus, America is becoming a BIG BROTHER police state. But, how could that be said and be truthful?

The MORE hooked up you are electronically the easier it is to track your every move. If you have a cell phone and use it, you can be tracked to the very pole with the transmitter on it. Thus, if someone wanted to track your every move, they track your cell phone use-age to follow you. Police could be exactly where you stand in a matter of minutes.

The federal government has been in collusion with the phone company at least since the early 1980s. They have access to your bank records, any faxes you make, telephone conversations, etc. If any of a hundred or more words is used in your phone conversation, they pick up on it and investigate why you used that word. Every phone call in America is hooked up through the same lines and can be accessed. You may never know it. As a minister, I spoke of the assassination of John F. Kennedy and after a Christian receives his or her new body, we would not be able to be assassinated. An FBI agent and a high-ranking Dallas police officer came to our office to ask what we knew about an up-coming assassination. They refused to have our conversation tape recorded as evidence of what was said, so they left. We also had two witnesses there to listen to the conversation. Big Brother is watching us!!!

The Bible forecasts an all-powerful Big Brother society to rise at the “end of the age” that would usher in the Kingdom of God. This “end time” social system will have surveillance capacity that most will not recognize as spying upon them. It is all being played up as the opportunity to track your pets, your children, sex offenders, criminals that have been released back into society, yet we are never told the ultimate goal is to track EVERY person on earth.

Those wanting to control everything have already placed packaging of food, products at stores, automobiles, everything you buy with traceable “marks” on them. These “marks” are called “bar codes.” They are used for BUYING OR SELLING!

Big Brother technology has already been tested on people, whether they are small chips under the skin or invisible “bar codes” on the body. As soon as their New World Order is in place, they will need a way to control the population.

According to Revelation 13: 16-17, nobody on earth will be able to BUY or SELL without this special “mark” to prove you are loyal to Satan’s system. Of course, a TRUE Christian will not pledge loyalty to Satan the Devil, the opposer of the true Creator God and His Son Jesus Christ!!!

Electronics can be wonderful devices, but they can also be used for the wrong purposes in the hands of evil men. Some of the most wonderful inventions have fallen into the hands of the military and been used secretly against the human race. It is no different with cell phones, landline phones, faxes, computers, and bank accounts that you think are safe.

As long as there are evil men in places of authority, good will become turned into evil. Just keep watching world events for all these things to come to past. STAY THE COURSE! Jesus promised He would return with YOUR reward. He will not say one thing and do another as evil men do. He was and still is without sin. Your day is coming!!!

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