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Claims, Claims, and More Claims!

By David J. Smith
August 25, 2007

It is a fact of the scriptures that the prophets that God called were humble men. They spoke the word of God as was given to them, and those words were truthful and aligned with other scripture. They never contradicted any other prophet’s words because they came from the same source – God!

Many people have wanted to be or claimed to be one of the two witnesses of Revelation 11. Let us note what the Bible says about these two men. “And I will give power unto My two witnesses, and they shall prophesy …” (Revelation 11: 3). Notice that in reading through verse twelve that they never claimed to be one of the witnesses. To be exact, they probably did not know UNTIL God’s power came upon them.

I remember two men thought without a doubt that they were the two witnesses. They did not say it, but their actions and words revealed their inward thoughts. They both died, hopefully in the true faith. There were disappointed people because they really believed they were going to be the two witnesses.

There were two brothers that laid claim to being the two witnesses. They were very dogmatic about it. I am sorry to say but it bordered on arrogance. Would God use an arrogant person? Humility is the life God expects from every one of us.

The Apostle Paul was called of Jesus Christ into the ministry, and he told his story on many occasions where it is recorded in the Bible. In every case Paul was amazed that he had been called. He thought he had committed so many sins that how could Jesus call him to be his servant! Jesus did call him, and he was inspired to write half the books of the Newer Writings – the New Testament. Paul was a changed man. His arrogance, pride, and know it all attitude was gone. His “fruit” proved he was truly called for the job given him by Jesus.

In the late 1980s a man began to purchase radio time on religious stations. He said he had 88 reasons why Jesus would return in 1988. He ran up millions of dollars of debt, which was never paid. He stated that if anyone could find just one of the 88 points wrong the whole would crumble. I proved from scripture the first three wrong, but it did not slow him down. Needless to say, 1988 came and went.

What if someone claimed to be the “end time” prophet of God, but did not obey God’s covenant? How can you turn people back to God if you do not know what to turn them back to? What sins are cutting the nation or individual off from God?

Jeremiah 23 said he was against the prophets that spoke their own words instead of His! He said He did not send them, but they ran on their own!

What if someone right now has written that he is one of the two witnesses? God’s power was to come upon the two witnesses as the last 3 ½ years began. How does he know he is one of the two witnesses? He said by direct revelation!

Would God raise someone up who claims the God of Abraham, who is Jesus Christ, is the same God as Allah of the Muslims? The Muslims reject Jesus as the Son of God! Allah was the ancient Moon God that was worshipped by the Arabs long before Islam began.

Would God rear up someone who claims the First Seal of Revelation 6 opened in 1994, when the Second Seal is communism that began its rise long before?

God is merciful and full of truth. Human beings, so many times, like to claim positions for themselves that they should not. Humility is what God is looking for. To be exact, Jesus said if we exalt ourselves, we would be abased. The truth of the matter is: No one knows who the two witnesses are including themselves UNTIL God’s power comes upon them, and they start performing the task set forth for them!!!

Jesus will give these two men protection for the entire 3 ½ years of their time of prophesying. He will give them power to perform miracles before the world. Their words will always testify that Jesus is the Son of the Living God, and the Beast and False Prophet are of Satan the Devil. Jesus will finally take His protection away and allow the two witnesses to die a martyr’s death. It will be short lived. They will rise after 3 ½ days from the dead with their new glorified bodies.

This will astonish the world. It might just start some people thinking that they have the wrong “god.” We know there is only one true God – God the Father and His Son Jesus, a FAMILY!

Beware when men claim greatness to themselves. It is one thing to tell of how God called you, but it is another when you usurp a position that God has for someone or two that just may not be you. We will wait patiently [hopefully] for these last days to be fulfilled, so we can receive our reward for being faithful unto the “end.”

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