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Is the America We Know in Its Last Days?

By David J. Smith
October 27, 2007

America was founded mostly by many men of honor! All of the State and Federal documents prove that this nation was founded upon Christian principles. It was declared to be a Christian nation by the U.S. Supreme Court on February 29, 1892 in a 9-0 decision.

International Communism, created and paid for by Lucifer worshippers, said they had to weaken America’s young people’s belief in God to over throw the country. Through the Rockefeller Foundation, they funded education and influenced the States to be the principle educational institutions rather than religious schools. The schools would be told to teach evolution, rather than creationism.

Infiltration into the political and economic arena would seal the over throw. EVERY president since the 33rd degree Freemason Harry Truman has worked for the Illuminati’s goal of a New World Order.

Current President George W. Bush comes from a long line of family members who have been working for the New World Order – grandfather Prescott Bush and father George Herbert Walker Bush. Prescott’s sympathy lay in Nazism. He traded with Nazi Germany during World War II. His assets were frozen until a powerful Illuminati agent interfered and got them released.

Adolph Hitler burned a government building and blamed it on his enemies to attain dictatorship in Germany. There now has been much suppressed evidence concerning the World Trade Center buildings on September 11, 2001, that has come to the surface that absolutely proves it was an inside job! WHY? We would not have Homeland Security without the World Trade disaster! We would not have the Patriot Act without the World Trade disaster! We would not have seen placed in the Defense Bill a section that destroys the posse comitatus act that prevents the military from policing our civilian population!

All the lies the federal government feed us through their controlled TV news media have now been exposed as just that – LIES!!! Firefighters who went into the buildings stated on camera that they heard bombs coming from the top floor in a progression downward just like a demolition team destroying a building. It was never told to the public that the World Trade buildings were evacuated on several occasions days before 9/11 supposedly as a “terrorist” training program. While the buildings were empty, bombs for demolition of the building were placed in strategic places to guarantee the buildings would come down.

Manufacturers of the steel in the buildings said it would take 3000 degrees of sustained burning to even begin to melt it. For a brief 15 seconds a temperature of 2000 degrees was recorded. Otherwise, the fire was around 1100 degrees. FIRE COULD NOT HAVE CAUSED THE STEEL TO WEAKEN AND COLLAPSE THE BUILDING!!! Video footage showed very clearly that bombs exploded from the top down that brought the buildings to the ground demolition style killing over 3,000 people.

Why was NO wreckage found outside of Pittsburgh of the supposedly crashed American Airlines Flight 93? Nothing but a hole was found with growing grass. How did flight 93 crash in a field, and then later land in Cleveland instead of Cincinnati. Who diverted the plane and what happened to the 200 passengers?

The Federal Government gave a list of hijackers. They all supposedly died in the crashes. Isn’t it strange that at least 9 of them have been found working in Muslim countries as of this writing?

Is the stage being set for a dictatorship along with the confiscation of guns? President Bush was interviewed by a CBS TV correspondent a few months back concerning “gun control.” He was asked if the federal government wanted to take the citizens guns from them. His response was – “not yet.” Does that answer mean there will be a time when our federal government will confiscate guns? All you have to do is observe what happened during martial law in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. Soldiers went door-to-door and confiscated guns – even from eighty year old women trying to protect their home and belongings. They were slammed face down on the floor risking injury. The soldiers proceeded to a wealthy neighborhood where NO damage had occurred. They broke into the homes and took every gun the people possessed to protect themselves and their assets. Finally, they were allowed to go back into their homes to sleep – but with no protection guaranteed by the Second Amendment of YOUR Constitution!!!

The Illuminati feel they have everything under control for the taking of America. Congress will not impeach President Bush and try him for war crimes, so bye-bye America as we have known it!!!

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