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Groundwork for Total Control!

By David J. Smith
November 10, 2007

In order for a government to be overthrown and another to replace it, there must be a plan. Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary says that when two or more people plan an action in the political arena against a State it is a conspiracy.

It has been proven that there is a “Committee of 300” that basically plans the future of nations in their drive to create a world government. Books have been written about this “Committee of 300” by a former British Intelligence Agent. This group heads up the Illuminati – who worship Lucifer at the highest level.

This “Committee” creates FRONT organizations as the outward enemy of States. These front organizations get the blame when anything goes wrong. The “Committee” remains hidden behind the scenes, so that they will not get blamed if their conspiracy is discovered.

After all, President Franklin D. Roosevelt said that nothing happens in the political without planning!!!

On Monday November 5, 2007, two Communist Chinese trucks that said “China Overseas Shipping” on them were making a delivery at Home Depot in Waxahachie, Texas. Why mention this? It illustrates to what extent the Communist Chinese have penetrated our economy. Wal-Mart is the world’s largest retailer. They import enough of Communist China’s cheaply made goods to build a middle-sized army. Wal-Mart uses debit at the cash register when you use a check. They are leading the way for a “cashless, coinless, checkless society.”

Communist China increased its military budget by 38% for fiscal 2008. Why? If China is such a wonderful trading partner, why are they using the huge profits earned from this trade to build up their military? Why have they threatened to nuke Los Angeles three times since 1998? Some friend!!!

Communist Russia was declared defeated and Communism dead. Why all of a sudden do we find Russia with new, highly sophisticated weapons? Why have they had training flights between the U.S. and Britain to test their long-range bombers? Does this sound like Communism is dead? No! It was all orchestrated to fool America, just like Manuilski of the Lenin School of Warfare said was their long-range plan to take America.

Communism is the major front organization of the “Committee of 300” to be a seen enemy of the Western World of Christianity. They are using a two-pronged attacked upon our freedoms: 1) a seen external threat; 2) infiltration from within into every corridor of power – politics, education, the military, religion, etc.

These ultra-rich men create many front groups to keep us confused. They have International Communism, the Thule Society associated with Adolph Hitler, the Order of Skull & Bones, the Scroll & Key, 33rd Degree Freemasonry, the Bilderbergers, the Bohemian Grove, etc., etc.

Then of course there is the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission. The CFR was founded by a combination of Marxist/Communists and Order of Skull & Bones members. The Trilateral Commission was founded by one-worlder David Rockefeller and Communist Zbigniew Brzezinski. These two organizations completely control politics in America while the “Committee of 300” International Bankers control the economic life of every American.

These organizations determine war or peace, revolutions or stability of nations. In the countries under their control they select presidents from any party. Why not, they control BOTH parties – such as Republicans or Democrats. By their near dictatorial control over America, they are by-passing the Congress and We, the People in creating a regional government to be merged into a complete one-world-government. It is called The North American Community composed of Mexico, the U.S., and Canada.

Just like the Common Market of Europe was billed as a trade block to rebuild Europe II economically after World War, it turned out to become a United States of Europe. NAFTA is turning out to be more than economic. As in Europe, the United States is seeing its laws changed to conform to a trade block. It is becoming political without the people knowing it. The whole idea is to set up another regional government. They have ten regional governments on the drawing boards according to the Club of Rome. These ten regions will then give their economic, political, and military power to a world dictator selected by The Committee of 300.

It is these Luciferians that have received spiritual power from “the great red dragon” (Revelation 13: 2; 12: 9). However, it will be a counterfeit kingdom. After three-and-one-half-years of mis-rule, Jesus – King of kings and Lord of lords – will descend from the heavens to overthrow this end time system ruled by Satan. God speed that day!!!

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