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Chaos and More Chaos!

By David J. Smith
December 15, 2007

There is a spirit world, but human beings cannot see into it unless God “opens our eyes” to see it. One of those spirits is called Satan, the Devil (Revelation 12: 9). That verse of the Bible says that he and his angels have deceived the whole world! He and his angels are good at their job because they are considered as being non-existent. They can’t be seen; therefore, they don’t exist. WRONG!

There is a fallen angel named Lucifer that has always wanted to be worshipped as if he were God. Lucifer was cast down to the earth by the true God (Ezekiel 28: 12-17; Isaiah 14: 12-15). He has always sought out men and women to worship him. In return he would reward them with riches, fame, or rulership over nations. There is such a group of men today called the Illuminati! Those in the lower ranks who worship Satan stand in awe when the word Illuminati is used. They know that high above them is an organization of men so secret that they cannot penetrate it to see behind this veil of secrecy.

Others have known that it exists – presidents, mayors of New York, etc. If you are in a position of authority and speak against it above a whisper, you may end up dead. Lucifer/Satan has given these men the power to penetrate and control governments, universities, religious organizations, etc.

These men follow Satan’s instructions. They have laid bare his plans in writing, and those writings have been discovered from time to time. In 1897, an update was made at a conference of these men. They wrote their projections of what it would take to prepare people for THEIR world government by the Age of Aquarius.

They wrote that they had to alter circumstances in the economy to cause CHAOS everywhere. They meant global discontentment that resulted in chaos. Governments collapsing! Economies collapsing! Wars to destabilize nations! So-called wars of liberation!

When our economy was on the “gold” standard, it righted itself to a fixed standard. In order to create chaos, the private Federal Reserve System was placed on the backs of every American. When there is NO “gold” standard, an economy cannot right itself. Inflation is the means to confiscate the wealth of a nation. Inflation provides a means to RAISE prices, yet maintain as little increase in wages as possible. The result is that the average American gets further and further behind.

We have gone from a father in a family of four supporting that family, to the father and mother working just to keep pace. Sometimes it even requires teenagers to work and help the family make ends meet. This program of bringing desperation into people’s lives is designed to cause people to throw up their hands and say: “Government fix it. Give us a savior.”

An example of inflation that is causing frustration: food prices have risen from December 2006 to December 2007 by 37%. The example used in the 1897 minutes of the Illuminati’s meeting was that a mother will cry out for a strong government if she sees her baby crying and can’t buy milk!!! If you have been watching the news, you probably caught people saying they have a choice of buying groceries or paying a bill. This is exactly what the Illuminati, worshippers of Lucifer, want – a disillusioned population crying out to a powerful central government for a solution to their problems.

Look at the price of cars! Houses! Clothes! Food! Gasoline! In the summer of 1962, I purchased a gallon of gasoline for 18.9 cent in St. Louis. Today, a gallon costs from $2.75 to $3.25 – according to what grade you buy.

Iran is now using Euros for its business transactions as of December 7, 2007, not the dollar! This surely means that foreign nations, especially China, will dump unwanted U.S. dollars onto the open market. The U.S. economy will do exactly what they planned – collapse! It will have worldwide effects.

Retired people will lose their savings nearly overnight. The housing market is already collapsing. The government’s proposal to “bail out” home owner’s mortgages is not real. The legislation protects banks from massive lawsuits for illegal operations by Real Estate Brokers and will make the taxpayer the scapegoat to pay for the “bail out.”

The Third Horse of the Apocalypse tells its readers to pay attention to what you spend and how much. Economic time’s of misery has already been planned for us. The Illuminati’s plan of bringing misery and a feeling of hopelessness upon us is fast approaching. We need to be drawing close to the One source of hope and comfort – Jesus Christ!!! He warned us in advance of Satan’s plan through the Seals of the Book of Revelation. Let us be alert and not caught sleeping when this disaster hits!!!

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