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The Coming “Mark” of the Beast!

By David J. Smith
December 22, 2007

I began to write about the possibility of the “Mark” of the Beast in 1981. At that time, religious organizations scorned me and tried to discourage their membership from listening to me. It worked to some degree. However, I continued to watch the development of electronics.

In the 1970s bar codes were introduced and put on merchandise and manufactured goods to be shipped to retail stores. They had some difficulty with variable weight items in grocery stores, like ground beef that came in various weights. They solved the problem, and the program of using bar codes on retail items went forward.

When I saw a Mobil gasoline station in northern Missouri offer “pay-at-the-pump” with a credit card, I realized that when the “Mark” of the Beast was fully implemented there would be no need for cash, checks, or coins – only instant transfer of money from your account into the retail store’s account.

I began to investigate and found that the International Bankers that lead the secret society of the Illuminati wanted to number every person on earth with an 18 digit number, such as a world number: 666; a national number: 110; area code and social security number: 314 418 235 696 = three sets of 6 digits: 6+6+6=18 digits. The numbers would not necessarily be the area code and social security number, but a series of 18 digits.

I discovered from the writings of an insider for 25 years, Professor Carroll Quigley of Jesuit Georgetown University, that these International Bankers wanted to usurp government by an economic system. They wanted to issue every person on earth a personal ID number to transact business. His book, Tragedy & Hope spelled it out.

By placing the “marks” on all packaging and retail items, half the equation was solved. Now, the number had to be assigned to every human being and possibly put on the body. This would require a very sophisticated computer system that could perform billions of functions per second.

We reported on these developments in our June 1981, September 1981, April 1982, April 1983, and November 1985 Newswatch Magazine. These were the pioneer issues discussing the possibility for the “Mark” of the Beast. Every step mentioned thus far is now a reality.

There was to be a national driver’s license to be issued starting in 2008, but had to be put back until 2010. WHY? This driver’s license is to become a national ID card! In Houston, Texas a 60-year old man went to renew his license. He was told he had to give a thumb print and an eye scan. That would put him in the system. A short time later, a neighbor’s pit bulls escaped and he called the police. The police had a portable eye scanner in their car. They scanned his eye and concluded he was in the system. The National ID is coming to everyone. Refusal to accept this new National ID driver’s license is an automatic minimum jail term of one year. Is “Big Brother” government closing in upon our freedoms? America will not be the same anymore.

Big Banks have now been trained that every person in the world will be assigned an 18-digit number by 2010. There will be NO more checks, cash, coins, money orders, etc., ONLY INSTANT TRANSFER OF FUNDS FROM ONE ACCOUNT TO ANOTHER!

There is a chapter in the Book of Revelation that describes the “rise” of a final social system that Jesus Christ will fight and destroy at His coming. It is chapter 13! It is being empowered by Satan the Devil [v. 2]. It will control the military of the world [v. 4]. This end time system will last 3 ½ years [v. 5]. It will be an anti-God/Christ system [v. 6]. It will make every effort to stamp out Christianity [v. 7].

There will be a way to separate loyal subjects to this system from Christians; refuse anyone the ability to “BUY AND SELL” without this “Mark.”

“And he causes ALL, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a MARK in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that NO MAN might BUY OR SELL, save [except] he that had the ‘mark,’ or the name of the beast, or the NUMBER of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast: for his number is [=] Six hundred threescore and six [666]” (Revelation 13: 16-18).

Hard times are coming for saints of God. We should have faith that Jesus means what He says, or we will be sucked into the false system that is just over the horizon. The year 2010 is NOT my date, rather a banker’s date when all the scanners will be available and useable by retail stores and manufacturers. They want their world government in place by the Age of Aquarius [2012], if possible. It will NOT be the Kingdom of God, but a counterfeit kingdom!!! Come Lord Jesus.

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