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Time Is Becoming Short!

By David J. Smith
January 5, 2008

As we see more and more of the signs that Jesus gave concerning the end of this age, ruled over by Satan, we need to be sure that we stand upon the proper foundation. Jesus, THE Foundation, died and was resurrected, and now sits at the right hand of the Father making intercession for us. When He died on Passover April 25, 31 AD, the veil that covered the Holy of Holies tore to open the way for us to pray directly to our heavenly Father.

Jesus gave an outline prayer to teach us how to pray in Matthew 6: 6-13. He said we should: 1) Recognize the holiness of the Father. We should acknowledge His greatness. 2) We should ask that God’s kingdom would finally come to this earth. The reason is that there is so much evil, and it is growing worse and worse. 3) He said we should acknowledge that we desire God’s will be done on this earth as it is in heaven. When God’s kingdom comes, it will produce peace, quietness, happiness, and ultimate utopia. 4) Jesus said that we should ask for our daily necessities, even though the Father knows our needs. 5) The desire for forgiveness of our sins should be a priority. 6) Not being lead into a tempting situation that might cause us to sin should be a request. 7) We should ask the Father to deliver us from the evil one – Satan!

As we pray for spiritual guidance, that brings us to properly studying God’s word, the Bible. We should: 1) Pray for guidance. 2) Have an attitude of self-correction, so our Father will not have to correct us. 3) Set our minds to prove ALL things (I Thessalonians 5: 21). 4) Understand that the Bible, God’s word, does not contradict itself. 5) Never set our belief upon guesswork, rather ask – “What does the Bible say?” 6) Check the context surrounding a scripture. 7) Get all the scriptures pertaining to one subject. 8) Grasp the concept that the Bible interprets itself. 9) Never establish a doctrine by a vague or hard-to-be-understood scripture. 10) Use several translations, such as the King James, Moffett, along with the Strong’s Concordance. 11) Do not establish a doctrine with Bible helps written by men. 12) Mark your Bible.

As we pray and study, we can conclude that there are keys to understanding the Bible.

  1. The 7th Day Sabbath pictures the 1,000-year reign of Jesus (2 Peter 3: 8 & Revelation 10:8).

  2. The Bible is the record of one race and other races only as they come into contact with Israel (Ephesians 2: 11-22).

  3. Christ came to preach the gospel [good news] of the coming Kingdom of God (Matthew 4: 17).

  4. The truth that once you are saved with a new spirit glorified body you will always be saved (I Corinthians 15: 50-52).

  5. Prophecy is dual in many cases (Matthew 24: 15). It happened once in 168 B.C. and will happen again as a sign of Christ’s near appearance.

  6. The Holy Days of Leviticus 23 picture God’s complete plan of salvation for the whole world (Colossians 2: 16-17).

  7. The Bible interprets itself (Isaiah 28: 9-10).

Jesus reveals that the church that He has called out has a final job to perform by the power of His Holy Spirit. Some are:

  1. Witness to the world. Not convert it, rather witness to it (Matthew 24: 14).

  2. Warn Israel, modern Israel wherever they migrated to live (Ezekiel 33: 1-7; Jeremiah 31: 6-7).

  3. Prepare the way for Christ (Luke 3: 4-9; Malachi 3: 1-4).

  4. Build family relations (Malachi 4: 4-6).

  5. It is to show people their sins (Isaiah 58: 1).

  6. It is to teach all nations (Matthew 28: 18, 20).

  7. It is to make ready a people prepared for God (Luke 1: 17; Isaiah 40: 1-5).

Time is certainly growing short. The signs Jesus gave are exploding off TV and the newspapers. Gene splicing is destroying the gene pool of plants, insects, and animals that are being experimented upon.

The Middle East is a powder keg ready to explode just as Jesus forecast in Zechariah 12-14, Matthew 24 and Luke 21.

The World Government is rising rapidly. The European Union is a reality. They have made agreements to merge Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. into the North American Community. AND Europe and America has agreed to merge the European Union WITH the North American Union!!! It is coming. Prepare now for spiritual survival!!!

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