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Will the Next President Save America?

By David J. Smith
January 19, 2008

The United States was created when we defeated our brother nation, England. The representatives of each colony came together and created a Republic. Each nation-state was independent of all others. It was written into the Constitution as the Tenth Amendment – known as States’ Rights. Each State agreed to give a central government the right to defend all the colonies, carry on trade with foreign nations, etc.

The House of Rothschild International Banking firm of England wanted to control the new colonies by establishing a central bank that issued credit to the nation. Our forefathers knew of this unjust system from England. They built into the Constitution that only Congress, the legal representatives of the people, could coin money and set the value. The money MUST be backed by gold or silver to prevent unlimited spending by an out-of-control Congress.

As long as we stayed within the limits set by the Constitution, we prospered as no other nation had ever done on earth. Of course, we had Jesus Christ and His angels overseeing the nation too.

These banking families are ruthless. They will do anything to gain and stay in control of issuing the money to a nation. They tried, and succeeded, to assassinate several presidents because they rejected the establishment of a banking system outside of the Constitution.

These same banking families created a banking panic in 1907 and used it as a reason to establish the Federal Reserve System. The U.S. government had very little debt until it was created. Within twenty years, the U.S. was declared bankrupt in 1933. The U.S. went into receivership to the bankers.

During the FDR Administration in the 1930s, the U.S. Government was changed by the receivers from a Republican form of government to a Democratic form of government. Our forefathers said a Democracy was the most evil form of government that could ever be hoisted upon the shoulders of a people. Have you noticed that none of these politicians call the U.S. government a Republic? It is always a Democracy!

For all practical purposes, the Constitution was eliminated. With the surrender of Robert E. Lee to end the War Between the States, Supreme Justice Salomon Chase stated: “States’ Rights was dead” (the Tenth Amendment). With the States no longer being independent separate nations, the way was opened to concentrate ALL power into the hands of a few in Washington, D.C. Why is it that men or women can be elected to go to Washington with a net economic worth of $250,000 and come away a multi-millionaire? Someone is being bought off!!!

The only Constitutionalist in the running for the presidency in 2008 is Representative Ron Paul. He is nearly totally ignored by the mass media. He will not be nominated as a Republican. By the time he pulls out, it will be too late for him to run as an Independent.

There doesn’t seem to be a Republican that is catching the attention of the American people outside Paul’s grassroots effort. That leaves only the Democrats. BOTH parties are branches of a single party working for World Government. Do we think a Democrat, which basically is the Socialist Party, will turn us back to the Constitution and Jesus Christ? NO! NO! NO!

There is a drama being played out for the American people to make us think we have a choice. The drama is between Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Why did Hillary try to pass a socialistic heath care program when she was the First Lady? Hillary’s husband Bill, when governor of Arkansas, went to the Communist sector of Italy to learn the tactics of Italian Socialist Antonio Gramsci. Gramsci believed in gradualism. Introduce socialist concepts ever so slightly, so the American people would not recognize the socialist undertones. Gramsci also taught that socialists should attack the institutions that promote good morals. When the morals collapse, the nation will follow.

Bill and Hillary Clinton selected people to be appointed to positions of authority who believed in protecting lesbians and homosexuals, allowing them in the military which had never been allowed before, individuals who wanted to teach our children how to masturbate and use condoms, etc. This was to break down the Christian morals of the nation. We have seen the slide into wholesale immorality since 1962 when abortion was made legal and God and prayer taken out of the schools.

Both Clinton’s are smooth talkers, but their ACTIONS tell volumes of their intent to further socialize America. Only a heart rending repentant attitude toward God and Jesus Christ can save this nation. Do you think that repentance will come? Results? Here comes Hillary, probably!!!

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