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Pretend Weakness – Then Rise Again!

By David J. Smith
February 16, 2008

In the 1950s, the term Cold War began to be used to describe the relations between Communism and the United States. Russian leaders would sit down at the negotiating table with the purpose in mind to disrupt and frustrate our representatives. It must be remembered that International Communism was financed by the very rich and powerful Wall Street Bankers!

The purpose in prolonging negotiations was to allow guerrilla armies to overthrow colonial governments that were given their freedom and an opportunity for self-rule before they learned how to achieve this.

Communism gobbled up 40% of earth’s land mass after the British Empire, German, French, and the colonies of the low countries, began to be broken up.

World War II was not allowed to come to a conclusion until Russia marched into East Germany, swallowing up ten independent countries along the way. This fulfilled V. I. Lenin’s plan of first taking Eastern Europe. The assault upon the newly freed colonies was their second step. They would take the masses of Asia. The third step was to surround the United States, and it would fall like a ripe fruit into their hands.

Of course, it is in the process of falling. They said they would capture one or BOTH political parties. Former President Bill Clinton said, on video, that every president since 33rd degree Freemason Harry Truman had worked for a New World Order.

In order to achieve a New World Order, meaning World Government, China and Russia had to be brought out of isolationism and participate in a New Economic Order. One World Government proponent, Richard Nixon, was elected president. His job was to travel to China and talk to them about joining in trade relations with the remainder of the world.

Little-by-little China began trade with other nations. By using the Communist free trade philosophy, no tariffs to protect American manufacturers, China has used its cheap slave labor to nearly destroy all manufacturing in America. By dumping U.S. dollars onto the world market, they could cause a worldwide economic collapse. That is how far they have come!!!

A few problems have reared their ugly heads. One, Putin of Russia has returned to their hard line once again. Why would he do that? The program laid down in the 1930s was to eventually pretend weakness; and when the West fell for it and disarmed, they would rearm and prepare to smash America with their clinched fist.

Secondly, Red China is on a rampage to secure U.S. data concerning our weapons systems and who will be receiving them. The Wall Street Journal, Online released an article on February 12, 2008 entitled: DOJ: Chinese Espionage Marks Return to Cold War Threats. The article pointed out names of individuals in Virginia and California who have supplied Communist China with very sensitive information concerning our defense systems.

International Communism was never dead as President Ronald Reagan had concluded. They were simply following their long laid plans to subvert and capture America. How could America become “ripe” to fall into their hands? Both political parties have front-runners who are liberals, and neither are conservatives or constitutionalists! Hillary Clinton was trained by Marxist Saul Alinsky in 1969. She attended Wellesley College where every professor was a Marxists. John McCain was captured in Vietnam, and fellow soldiers loathed him! Why? For some strange reason he stayed at a hotel in Hanoi nicknamed the Hanoi Hilton.

Bill Clinton went to Italy while governor of Arkansas in 1987. Why? He went to visit the Marxist section where Antonio Gramsci worked and wrote his plans on how to subvert a nation from within. Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar and member of the Council on Foreign Relationsboth working for a World Government in secret.

The U.S. Government has many senators, representatives, and appointed positions as well as advisers who are members of The Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Rhodes Scholars, 33rd Degree Freemasons, and Skull &Bones. These groups are all working for a world government. There are others organizations, such as Scroll & Key, doing the same work.

They all want Russia and China, indeed, the whole Communist world to be merged into a one-world-government under THEIR leadership. At the top is the Illuminati, headed by International Bankers who plan on controlling the world through economics – buying and selling (Revelation 13: 16-18).

Are you “watching?” Matthew 24: 42.

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