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Trouble From Every Direction – Will It Consume You?

By David J. Smith
March 1, 2008

Circumstances come into our life sometimes that make us bow up our back and get angry, even hostile. Even when we, or our children are wrong, rather than admit it and get on with life with a pure heart, we dig our heels in and will not admit the wrong. It creates tension and hard feelings. I am talking about people with God’s Holy Spirit.

Does this mean that our human nature still exists? Human nature, which is basically our downward side that gravitates toward sin, is ever present with us. Paul, in Romans 7, wrote that he recognized this law of the flesh in him. He didn’t want human nature in him that caused him to do foolish things and sin, but there it was giving him trouble in the flesh.

Do we let our temper get the best of us? Do we fly off the handle rather than suppress that nature? Do we give in to the lust of the flesh, lust of the eye, or the pride of life? These are all a part of our human nature that causes us to sin and get into trouble with God and others!

We lived completely by the flesh before being called. No one overcomes our nature overnight. Time is needed for God’s Spirit to convert us. Does that mean we should just give into it and not resist? Paul’s answer was an emphatic NO! He went on to reveal in Romans 8: 1-8 that to remain in this condition of following the flesh brings death. On the other hand, following the leadership of the Holy Spirit and producing it’s fruit, produces life.

Nobody said being a Christian is easy. We do fight the flesh. We have other battles also.

Paul wrote to the church at Ephesus that our battle is not against flesh and blood. He explained in Chapter 6: 10-18 that our primary battle was against wicked spirits in high places. All of us should be aware of the “unseen” spirit world. Revelation 12: 9 told us clearly that Satan and his angels were cast out into the earth. It clearly states that Satan leads the way in deceiving the whole world.

I have watched since 1966 people being deceived and going back into the world. People can have real zeal for God, but not according to righteousness. Satan will give you a religion for whatever you want to believe, only if you will forsake God’s Everlasting Covenant.

Deception can be so subtle. Just a slight deviation from the truth opens the door for wider deviations. If we cannot or will not take correction from the Bible or the ministry, then deception becomes blacker and blacker until the true light is hard to distinguish.

Everywhere we look we see sin and gratification of the flesh. The nation, as a whole, has become just like ancient Israel – “every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” The bottom line is: if we are serious about salvation, we must fight the flesh and deception with every fiber of our being. We must be willing to run from sin and its attraction; it’s lure!!!

The Bible says it correctly when it states: evil communication corrupts good morals [paraphrased]. If your best friends are of the world and lure you into evil, you need to run from those people. You need to keep company with Godly people. I didn’t say perfect people, but people who have been forgiven of their sins.

Even inside the church, some people are very self-righteous and look down upon others. When you accuse or criticize God’s elect, you just may be biting off more than you can chew. You may be used of Satan against one of God’s elect to discourage him or her. God does not sleep. His angels are always reporting to Him and His Son, Jesus.

There are plain and simple manners that some people have not seemed to learn. We come to church to fellowship when the formal service is over. God made DIFFERENT personalities. How could anyone criticize one of God’s elect just because he or she may have an outgoing and funny personality? Does anyone criticize your stinking attitude?

It creates trouble in people’s lives when they are constantly criticized unjustly!!! Common sense should tell us all that a true Christian should be developing manners of kindness, goodness, and tender heartedness. We should not be rude and unkind so that it hurts someone’s feelings.

Should we let human nature dictate our behavior? Should we let Satan and his angels reign in our lives? Should we let bad manners and criticism dominate our lives? The answer is obvious to anyone with God’s Spirit inside of his or her mind.

Christianity is a way of life. Each one of us should be allowed to have his or her own personality WITH God’s Spirit. We are all to become like Christ in character. Don’t be a stumbling block to others by treating them unjustly. Jesus has all power, not us! Will we all become like Him?

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