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Everlasting Covenant! Who Established It?

By David J. Smith
March 8, 2008

Genesis 17: 1-7 Everlasting covenant. Everlasting – #5769 Heb. S.C. – “time out of mind.” As long as there is the Almighty God, Abraham’s descendants, and time, this agreement or contract will be in existence. It will never change.

Psalm 105: 6-10 Ever. Cov. The Lord our God made this cov. This Ever. cov. is to exist through 1,000 generations. If a generation is 20 years, the Ever. Cov. would continue a minimum of 20,000 years. If a generation is 40 years, the Ever. Cov. would continue a minimum of 40,000 years. Has that length of time occurred yet? No! Yet, we see all the signs Jesus gave to identify the close of the age and the establishment of the kingdom of God. This Lord our God made this Ever. Cov. with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Israel as a nation. The actual Ever. Cov. would never change, only additions that were not a part of the covenant would end. Example:

Jeremiah 7: 22-24 No animal sacrifices required to begin with, only the Ever. Cov. Were animal sacrifices a part of the Ever. Cov. that God made with the fathers? Hebrews 9: 9-10 animal sacrifices were IMPOSED upon Israel to teach them that violation of the Ever. Cov. requires someone to die and shed His blood to forgive us for those violations. Hebrews 9: 14-15 We must be forgiven for violating the first covenant given to A, I, J, and Israel for a law. When we violate that Law, death passes upon us.

Why would the following two scriptures be in the inspired texts? Hebrews 13: 8; Hebrews 13: 20-21 Jesus doesn’t change in His spiritual concepts. He died to forgive us for violating the Everlasting Covenant. Everlasting – #166, 165 Gk. S.C. – “perpetual; perpetuity.” The same as the Hebrew word.

Who is the Jesus that shed the blood of the Everlasting Covenant to forgive us for violating it?

Genesis 1: 1 God – #430 Heb. S.C. – Elohiym – “gods.” Plural! Proof that it is a plural noun is found in Genesis 1: 26. “Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness;…” More than One God was present at the creation – “in the beginning.”

John 1: 1-3 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word WAS God. The same [the Word] was in the beginning with God [the Father, v. 18]. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.” Notice, there were two Gods – One the Father and One the Son. Word – #3056 Gk. S.C. – Logos – “spokesman.” This says clearly that this “Word” made everything. Let’s look back for moment.

Genesis 1: 3 – And God [the Word] said.

Genesis 1: 6 – And God [the Word] said.

Genesis 1: 9 – And God [the Word] said.

Genesis 1: 11 – And God [the Word] said.

Genesis 1: 14 – And God [the Word] said.

Genesis 1: 20 – And God [the Word] said

Genesis 1: 24 – And God [the Word] said.

Genesis 1: 26 – And God [the Word] said.

Genesis 1: 29 – And God [the Word] said.

Genesis 2: 2-3 – And God blessed.

John 1: 14 “And the Word [spokesman] was made flesh, and dwelt among us …”

Matthew 1: 21 JESUS was to save us for violating the Everlasting Covenant.

Matthew 1: 23 Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.

It was none other than Jesus before His human birth that made the Everlasting Covenant with Israel. Of course, He spoke on behalf of God the Father. But the point is: He spoke and created.

In reference to Isaac, notice what happened on one occasion. Genesis 26: 2-5. The Lord [Jesus Christ] appeared to Isaac. He reiterated the promises He made to Abraham because Abraham obeyed Him.

Genesis 35: 9-13. Jacob’s name was changed to Israel, and God Almighty said his off-spring would become a nation and a company of nations.

In speaking of Jacob, whose name was changed to Israel, note: Genesis 48: 13-16. This God became Jesus Christ who made the Everlasting Covenant with A, I, J, and Israel as a nation, and individual Christians today.

In referring to Joseph’s descendants: Genesis 49: 22-26. Jesus Christ would bless Joseph throughout history.

I Corinthians 10: 1-4 Jesus Christ led Israel out of Egyptian bondage. This means He sent the 10 plagues. It means Jesus met Moses in the wilderness at the burning bush. Exodus 3: 9-14. When Jesus walked among the people of His day, He acknowledged that He was that same great I AM. They tried to kill Him for it. John 8: 52-59. They knew “I AM” was the God that dealt with Moses.

Luke 1: 35, 66-73. Jesus came to forgive our violations of the covenant He made with Abraham. After Jesus had basically finished His work and knew He was to die, notice a most remarkable statement that He made. John 17: 1-5. Jesus had the same glorified body composition as the Father before the creation of mankind. We all know our children will be composed of the same substance that we are – flesh and blood. So likewise, Jesus was and is again composed of the same substance as the Father – SPIRIT, IMMORTAL SPIRIT. John 4: 23-24.

Ephesians 3: 9. Everything was created by Jesus Christ. It happened before He came into human form. He dealt with Israel strictly on a legalistic basis. Certain sins brought the death penalty, and it was administered without mercy. That is why the God that created all things came into human form, to experience the pulls of the flesh without giving into them. Because He did not violate the Everlasting Covenant, He qualified to save us from the death penalty for violating it. If we accept His death in place of our own and begin to live according to the terms of the covenant, we can have forgiveness now and for future slip-ups.

Colossians 1: 12-18. 1) We have been translated out of Satan’s system to Christ’s. 2) We have been bought back from death by the shed blood of the Everlasting Covenant – forgiven. 3) Jesus has been given His new spirit composed body as the first human harvested out of the earth. 4) Jesus, as the Word, created everything that exists. The Father let Him create, and it was to become His. 5) Jesus was there before the creation as we know it, and is currently upholding all His laws. 6) He is the HEAD of the body, the church.

As Head of the church, Jesus has the power and authority to instruct it. Matthew 25: 1-13. V. 5 Could some of us not be aroused out of sleep. It didn’t seem like Jesus was ever coming for us – He tarried. Some did not prepare their lives properly to meet Jesus. Those that were prepared went in to the marriage supper of the Lamb. THE DOOR WAS SHUT!!! Finally, the ones not prepared realized what was happening and sought access to the marriage. They said Open to us. Jesus answered – I know you not. Could some at the “Ingathering of saints from a Western state” be asleep and not be able to be aroused out of it? Have we waited for Jesus’ return, but it seems like it will never happen in spite of fulfilled Bible prophecy?

This same God that created in Genesis 1 is alive and well. He has a plan. I have pointed out the scriptures for years to prove that plan. I have shown Bible prophecy being fulfilled step-by-step to encourage us, so we will keep the faith. After Jesus’ resurrection and journey to the throne to be accepted by the Father, He came back. He came right through a wall with locked doors and said: Matthew 28: 18 – “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.” As far as prophesy is concerned, it is written in Revelation 19: 10 [last] – “for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” This is the same God of the Old Testament and the New. He gave the Everlasting Covenant.

This same Everlasting Covenant giver and forgiver for violating it will also judge us. John 5: 21-30.

The One who gave the Everlasting Covenant and is Head of the church sees to it the people He calls has an opportunity to know the truth. Ephesians 4: 10-15. Jesus sets individuals in the church, not those who are just running on their own, to perfect the saints by teaching about His character found in the “fruit of the Spirit” and the “divine nature” of God. We are to teach you that Jesus works, and He inspires the ministry. He wants the church edified – built up in the most holy faith. He wants the church to become unified and understand WHO Jesus was, is, and will forever be. He wants us to go on to perfection by comparing ourselves to Him – not each other who fall short of God’s glory. He wants us to be taught and absorb the truth, so no one can subvert our faith. We are look to God’s word and those that have proven to be God’s ministers for truth, and not teachings of men that have no calling. They only engender heresy. The true minister that Jesus sets in the church will tell you the truth in love – for your good! He will want you to become like Christ – the perfect One and Everlasting Covenant giver.

I thank the Father that Jesus – the giver of the Everlasting Covenant and forgiver for breaking it – IS ALIVE!

He is pleading our cause. Love Him and stay close to Him. Eternity is waiting for those who do.

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