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When the Oceans Roared!

By David J. Smith
June 7, 2008

We come onto the scene in Genesis One with the earth in a state of destruction. Verse 2 tells us the earth was without form, and void. Something had happened to planet Earth that caused it to be in a state of destruction and without life.

The Bible does not speak of WHAT caused the earth to be in this ruinous condition. We only know that the God family [v. 26 “us” “our” “our”] created the earth, galaxy, and universe in the distant past. Because Genesis One begins with a re-creation, we can understand that a tragic event occurred that caused the destruction of a beautiful earth.

Life was teaming everywhere! Was there any human life before this time period? We do not know for sure. God had to separate the waters from the ground. This automatically tells us that the earth was flooded with such intensity that waters churned and roared in great fury. Otherwise, how could mountains have been formed and others have collapsed? Whale skeletons have been found at the top of mountains. Trilobites, tiny one-celled animals, have been found as fossils in rocks on top of the tallest mountains.

Jesus gave signs of His second coming to His disciples when they asked. In Mark 13: 8 a word is used which the vast majority have never looked up in a Greek dictionary. One sign was a simple word – troubles! The word troubles is assigned the number 5016 in the Greek section of the Strong’s Concordance. It means: “Disturbing water, roiling of water.” We must go to Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary to find the meaning of the word “roiling.” “Disturbing water and churning up sedimentation.” Jesus said something would cause the oceans to churn and empty the bottoms of sedimentation that settles there over a long period of time.

What could cause such powerful forces that the oceans could be turned upside down? Immediately after Jerusalem has been trodden down by the Gentiles [other nations – Luke 21: 24] Jesus stated that we are to look toward the heavens for signs that would be staggering to the imagination.

When will this “times of the Gentiles” be fulfilled? Revelation 11: 1-2 gives us that information. The court that is outside the temple, which must be rebuilt, is to be given to the Gentiles. This United Nations [more than likely] army composed of the people from all nations will tread Jerusalem under foot for 3 ½ years – the LAST 3 ½ years. The two-witnesses [or martyrs] will prophesy during this LAST 3 ½ years until they are killed and resurrected.

Back to Luke 21: 25-26! Something will be so awful that there will be distress upon the nations. Distress in the Greek means “anxiety; perplex; afflict.” It also says that the nations would be in a state of perplexity. Perplexity in the Greek means “a state of quandary” and “to have no way out; to be at a loss; to stand in doubt.” What would the human race be in doubt of and see no way out? SURVIVAL!!! It says the sea and waves roaring! It adds that men’s hearts will fail them because of what they see coming from the heavens. It even adds that the powers of heaven – gravitational pull, etc. – shall be shaken.

What could cause such an event? The sedimentation from the bottom of the ocean churning to the surface while the sea and waves are ROARING. Read Isaiah 24: 1 very carefully!!! “Behold, the Lord makes the earth EMPTY, and makes it WASTE, and TURNS IT UPSIDE DOWN, and scatters abroad the inhabitants thereof.”

This describes a POLE SHIFT where the earth turns over. The oceans empty and the sediment will end up on top rather than the bottom of the sea. Massive destruction will take place with a huge loss of human life. Isaiah 24: 18-20 says the earth will go out its orbit [reel to and fro like a drunkard]. It says the earth is moved exceedingly! In verse six it describes people being scorched by the sun because the earth reeled too close to the sun. It even indicates there will be a reduction in population.

This is described in Revelation 3: 10 as the “hour of temptation, which shall come upon ALL the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.” Certain true saints will be protected because of their obedience.

Planet earth will have received great harm to it by this time. NASA announced on May 14, 2008 that they had found something in our galaxy for which they had been looking for 60 years. Could it be Planet X that always creates disruptions to earth when it passes through our solar system?

Acts 3: 18-21 says Jesus will return when the “times of REFRESHING” has come. Refreshing in the Greek means “recovery or revival.” He said it would be the “times of restitution” of all things. Restitution of ALL things means “to restore AGAIN! Come Lord Jesus.

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