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America’s Threat from Within!

By David J. Smith
June 14, 2008

The Perspective on Obama

In August 2006 U.S. Senator Barack Obama [D-IL] made a special trip to visit a special man in Kenya. The man’s name was Raila Amolo Odinga. Odinga is the HEAD of the National Muslim Leaders Movement [ODM] – although there is definitely nothing democratic about his political party of NAMLEF. The ODM is DEDICATED to overthrowing the legitimate democratic government of Kenya. Odinga is not really concerned about how he achieves his objective. It matters little to him if he assumes power through a free election – or by revolution. But, by hook or crook, he is determined to become the president of Kenya. If he succeeds, he will be president for life, and Kenya will become another Afghanistan.

When U.S. Senator Obama visited Kenya to meet with Odinga in Nairobi, the Kenyan government officially denounced the visit. More specifically, they DENOUNC-ED Obama. According to a Kenyan government spokesman, Obama’s bias for his friend was so blatant that the government found it necessary to complain that Obama appeared to be Odinga’s stooge. Not only did Obama campaign for his Islamic friend, he convinced former Clinton adviser Dick Morris to become Odinga’s campaign adviser.

Odinga bothers the U.S. State Department for a couple of reasons. First, after losing the democratic election on December 27, Raila Odinga cut a deal for support from Vladimir Putin and the former Soviet Union, before Putin was replaced. Odinga knows he has to overthrow the government to gain power. When he lost the election, he protested that the vote was rigged to keep him from claiming an election he won. He incited his tribal followers to go on murderous rampages in towns that were primarily Christian. Of course, he’s Muslim and claims God had no son. Throughout Kenya, hundreds of people were murdered. What shocked the West is that the Kenyan media – and the political power brokers within the country – out of fear of Odinga, appear to be suggesting that perhaps the election should be held over again to stop the violence and the potential long term Muslim terrorism.

In a wave of violence aimed at protesting what they called the illegal election of newly elected Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki, a group of Christian women and children, some entire families, barricaded themselves in a church. Muslims, inflamed by Odinga’s men, torched the church and burned everyone inside to death. THIS IS THE MAN OBAMA CAMPAIGNED FOR IN KENYA, and sang his praises. This is also the man who claims that Barack Obama is a close, personal friend. Christianity would be outlawed if Odinga takes over.

Remember Barack Obama’s statement in his second book?

I will STAND WITH THE MUSLIMS should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

There would be in Kenya a complete ban on the public consumption of alcoholic beverages, and a ban on western-style dress for women since this type of garb is considered immoral and offensive to the Muslim faith. Raila Odinga, it seems, would impose the same type of Shariah law that was imposed upon Afghanistan by the Taliban. Odinga would decree that no Muslim living in Kenya, (whether a citizen, visitor or relative of a citizen, such as Obama, whose grandmother is a citizen of Kenya), shall be subject to any legal process involving the laws of a foreign country. In particular any Muslim arrested for, or suspected of terrorism, or of any other international crimes would be tried inside the borders of Kenya and granted a competent lawyer of his or her choice at the expense of the government.

The American people, especially Democrats, should be asking Barack Obama a whole series of different questions about his presidency if he is elected. They need to ask him who he REALLY is! Is he a white hater? Does he agree with Reverend Wright and Black Liberation Theology that whites should be killed? Is he a militant Muslim in secret? Will Obama seek Muslim Shariah law upon Americans in spite of the Constitution giving us “freedom of religion?” The mass media will never ask nor answer any of these questions!

Obama has been reared in Black Liberation Theology. Liberation Theology was used in Central and South America to establish socialism. A picture of Communist Che Guevara is displayed on the wall of Obama’s campaign office in Houston, Texas. Obama refused to put his hand over his heart when singing the National Anthem nor would he wear a pen of the American flag on his chest. Obama’s minister called upon God “to damn America” three separate times in just one sermon! Reverend Wright defended Black Liberation Theology, which is socialism/Marxism, according to Dr. James Cone with the “killing of white men.”

Truly, Daniel 12: 7 and Revelation 13: 7 could happen in America if this secret Muslim gains control of the U.S. government. Persecution could begin to sweep across the land after a period of time!!! Make Jesus the central focus of your life while we have time!!!

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