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Oil, Oil, Everywhere!

By David J. Smith
June 21, 2008

Is there really an oil crisis? If not, then why has the price per gallon of gasoline gone so high? Are there powerful men who want absolute control over every natural resource and mankind as well?

In the 1970s Secretary of State Henry Kissinger began to visit oil sheiks in the Middle East and make them a deal they could not refuse. American oil companies would help them harvest their oil, and they could keep enough of the money to make themselves filthy rich. The only requirement was that they buy a portion of American debt. Of course, other countries like Japan and China also hold American debt, but this was different. They had to sign an agreement for the deal to be finalized. This buying of American debt was to last 30-40 years.

Only two countries would not sign and go along with the plan – Iraq under Saddam Hussein and Iran. A war was created between Iraq and Iran as a result of their refusal that lasted nearly ten years during the 1980s.

Why do we think that we have had peaceful relations with the Arab producing nations until the recent radical terrorist acts? George Herbert Walker Bush did his time as vice president during the 1980s until the presidential elections of November 1988. Remember, he is an oilman and so was his staff when he became president in January 1989.

President Bush sent a secret envoy to Iraq to talk with Saddam Hussein concerning his coming invasion of Kuwait. Hussein was told the United States was not interested in their petty squabble and would not intervene. It was a set-up, because he would not sign the deal that other Arab oil producers had signed!!!

After Hussein invaded Kuwait, President Bush announced that he was a threat to American security. Hussein was not a threat to America’s security, but he was to the oil producers. Bush ordered an invasion and seemed to be doing well with our advancing troops. Suddenly, he stopped and ended the conflict.

Bush, Cheney, and others in the oil industry tried to get President Clinton to invade Iraq, and complete Bush’s unfinished job. He refused. The oil magnates had to wait eight long years for revenge. By hook or crook, George W. Bush had to become president to finish where his Dad left off.

America is fighting in Iraq for one reason – TO SECURE THE OIL IN HENRY KISSINGER’S AGREEMENT! The Middle East is awash with oil. It costs $5.00 a barrel to get Iraqi and Saudi oil to the surface. You then add transportation and refining costs, and you would have a gallon of gasoline costing between $1.00 and $1.50 a gallon – RIGHT NOW!!!

Something else happened in the 1970s that brought a conflict with Henry Kissinger’s deal. That something had to be HIDDEN from the American public. Nine oil companies began to explore the North Slope of Alaska for oil. They found that there is so much oil on the North Slope of Alaska that it would make America energy independent for the next 200 years, with gas prices at 43 cents per gallon! It takes, RIGHT NOW, only $3.00 per barrel to get it out of the ground. They found enough natural gas to heat homes very cheaply for the same 200 years with increased population and usage figured into the equation.

The Federal Government in Washington, D.C. ordered the capping of the oil well at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, which is the largest oil pool in the world – even larger than Saudi Arabia. Why has the Federal Government ordered the oil companies to cap it, and not tell the American people that it even exists?

Henry Kissinger’s deal with the Arab oil producers locked America into using a percentage of their oil. If America was self-sufficient in oil, the Arab oil producers could dump America’s debt that they hold onto the open market and send America into a depression that could never be dreamed of!!! The deal was that we would import their oil (making them rich) in exchange for buying a large part of our debt. Oh the webs we weave!

This web has snared America without the people’s consent. WE, the people, are the final government according to the Constitution, and the Federal Government is supposed to operate within a narrow, very limited scope as stated in the Constitution.

It was because of the war of Northern aggression, better known as the Civil War, that the 10th Amendment – State’s Rights – was declared dead by the Chief Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court, Salomon Chase. His picture is on the $10,000 dollar bill as a reward.

For America to be oil independent, State’s Rights must be restored, so the Federal Government cannot dictate to the States whether to produce its oil or not. This nation’s ONLY hope at this stage is to return to Jesus Christ for deliverance!!!

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