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The Big Powers Going Down?

By David J. Smith
August 16, 2008

The two top Illuminati agents in the world, Albert Pike, of Little Rock and Guiseppi Mazzini, of Italy, completed the Plan for the final destruction of the Western world of Christianity and the Atheistic Communist world. This would result in the New World Order of Luciferian control over the whole world.

The Plan called for three world wars and many revolutionary wars. Out of World War I came Russian Communism. Out of World War II came the United Nations, a front for world government. China and smaller nations have been overthrown for Communism.

V. I. Lenin said they would first take Eastern Europe, secondly the masses of Asia, last surround the United States, and it would fall.

The U.S. is bogged down in a war in Iraq and Afghanistan. On the home front, Barack Obama is running for the presidency. He is the least known candidate to ever run. He went on his tour to the war zones and allied nations. He has stated that Israel is an enemy of America, yet he spoke in Israel about the U.S. protecting them from their enemies! He continued in Germany with his speeches. He stood on the very spot where the occult leader of Germany during World War II, Adolph Hitler, delivered his speeches. He delivered a message that thrilled the German people. He spoke of world citizenship, world government, and that he would confiscate ALL guns in America!!! However, he has not told the American people that he would destroy their 2nd Amendment Rights! When is he planning on doing so? Perhaps AFTER the elections!!!

Pike, Mazzini, Lenin, and Obama are not the only ones who have called for the destruction of the greatest power that has ever existed! Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadineiad blamed the U.S. and other “big powers” for nuclear proliferation, AIDS, and other global ills, and accused them of exploiting the United Nations and other organizations for their own gain and the developing world’s loss. Of course, Iran has been building their own nuclear bomb, while stating the plan is to provide electrical power and better the lives of their people.

President Ahmadineiad said time was on the poor countries’ side. He said, “The big powers are going down. They have come to the end of their power, and the world is on the verge of entering a NEW, promising era.”

The more than 100-member Nonaligned Movement is made up of different members such as communist Cuba, Jamaica, India, and depicts itself as a bloc-free of nations. Most of the members share a critical view of the U.S. and the developed world in general.

The Nonaligned Movement of nations released to The Associated Press a statement that reflects their struggle: “The rich and powerful countries continue to exercise an inordinate influence in determining the nature and direction of international relations, including economic and trade relations, as well as rules governing these relations, many of which are at the expense of developing countries.”

These countries said they were against certain states that would “impose … the use and threat of use of force, and pressure and coercive measures as a means to achieving their national policy objectives.” That was a direct slap in the face to America and Russia!

The U.S. has had mercenary troops in the country of Georgia for some time. That country borders Russia. Georgia wanted to be a free country with elected officials, but Russia saw things differently. Russia was called upon by the Group of Seven (G7) industrial powers for a ceasefire, but to no avail. The major reason for the Russian invasion is because of a major oil pipeline that is being threatened. It has alarmed investors in Russia and has raised fears of a wider war in the volatile region bordering Iran, Turkey, and Russia.

We are seeing the two most powerful players on the political scene with major problems. The U.S. is in a war in Iraq with plans to move in on Iran (probably before Bush leaves office). The U.S. had troops in Georgia. Russia has invaded Georgia to secure its oil pipeline for its investors. Iran and Russia supposedly have agreements in case of war. They would possibly come to each other’s mutual aid!

Will this be the beginning of the Third World War that the worshippers of Lucifer, the Illuminati, said they needed in order to bring about world government?

This would leave the U.S. open to be over run by China and other communist nations. Ezekiel 38: 1-12 is very eye opening with all that is currently happening on the world scene. The New World Order must come to fruition sometime! Is it at the door? We will soon find out!!!

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