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Where Did America’s Blessings Go?

By David J. Smith
September 5, 2008

The world has changed drastically since the end of the 1950s. W. Cleon Skousen of the FBI had discovered the 45-point plan to destroy America from within. These 45-points had not been in effect long enough to gain a foothold upon the American culture. Young people still had morals, mostly. The church houses were filled each week.

Then the Vietnam War began. Everything changed. Our young men went to war and came back smoking pot. A whole generation seemed to go into decline. Teenagers didn’t want to work any more, on the whole. The Communist plan to introduce free love, sex before and outside of marriage, began to take hold. The ACLU’s work to get the Bible and prayer out of the public schools was upheld by the Masonic loaded Supreme Court. High 33rd Degree Freemasons who, are working for a world government to freely worship Lucifer/Satan, handed down the ruling. As long as Christianity was superior to all other religions, the nation prospered.

The United States was founded upon Biblical principles. The Constitution was given the clause of “Freedom of Religion” to prevent The Church of England and The Roman Catholic Church from gaining the upper hand and forcing their brand of Christianity upon everyone else.

On February 29, 1892, the Supreme Court of the United States, in a 9-0 decision, declared this a Christian nation. Those working for world government and the worship of Lucifer/Satan needed to destroy the moral framework upon which this nation lies – Christianity and the Ten Commandments!

Nearly all colleges and universities were of religious origin. This had to be changed to get young people away from religion. Athletic scholarships began to be given at public [secular] schools. This drained all top athletes from religious schools.

Bursting onto the scene was Playboy magazine, along with a host of other pornographic magazines. These were all designed to destroy Christian values of chastity, loyalty, faithfulness, with the absence of adultery and fornication that preserves marriages. Marriage was targeted for destruction. These Communist programs have worked to perfection. How could a declared Christian nation remain faithful to Jesus Christ if it had delved into the cesspool of immorality and sin?

If you really had a plan of destruction and wanted it to invade every household, have the Supreme Court declare pornography legal under the clause of freedom of speech. The Constitution, written by professing Christian men, never intended to protect open sin. “Freedom of speech” meant we could speak out against the government without fear of reprisal!!! It is the same way with the clause that gives us the right to “redress grievances” we have against the central government in Washington, D.C. Pornography hit the movie theaters first, then satellite TV, and now is encroaching on the major networks, such as CBS, NBC, and ABC. Filthy language is allowed, once again, to break down our resistance to revealed sin in the Bible.

A few years back, it was found the religious seminaries that teach ministers, were infiltrated by Socialist/Communists in order to water down Biblical teachings. There were found 7,000 pink ministers that did not believe in the supernatural birth of Jesus. They didn’t believe in the miracles of the Bible. Even many Jewish rabbis thought the story of Moses and the parting of the Red Sea was just an uplifting story – but certainly not real!!!

All of this infiltration and changing our Christian heritage has brought us to where we are today! We are a nation, with great military strength and once economic and political strength, without TRUE guidance. We are drifting without a Spiritual rudder – Jesus Christ. We have become a nation that is sick from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet!

The once great advice by George Washington to trade with foreign countries, but never get involved in their internal affairs, has been thrown to the ground. We wander around the globe looking for the next country we can fix, when they don’t want our help. This uses up our moral strength, our economic strength, our military strength, and human resources!!!

It is an absolute FACT of history that a nation without purpose and Divine guidance will never find its way. How can it lead other nations when it is in its own death throw?

Read Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 all the way through very carefully! These two chapters set the course of history for ancient and modern Israel. The problem is that the churches today have not studied I Kings 11-12 to see how God separated Judah (nicknamed – Jews) and Israel, the Lost Ten Tribes. Jews are only a small minority of Israelites. The Lost Ten Tribes were told what they would be like as nations in the last days (Genesis 48-49).

You can very quickly realize that there have only been two nations ever to exist, in the last days, carrying the distinction of being the GREATEST nation in the world with a brother nation that became a COMPANY or COMMONWEALTH of nations. Every word of Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 are happening to America and Britain because we have turned our backs upon Jesus Christ and God the Father. Not every person has forsaken them, but the vast majority has!

Strangers are getting high above us. Illegal aliens are pouring across our border from Mexico with the thought of retaking the Southwest for Mexico. International Bankers have the nation in debt to the tune of $9.4 trillion. God has blessed America, but – – – !!!

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