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Urban Warfare Exercises! Why?

By David J. Smith
September 13, 2008

A few years ago in my hometown of Anniston, Alabama, and the town that joins it, Oxford, received a rude awakening as the night skies darkened. Soldiers from Ft. Bragg, North Carolina suddenly appeared in dark uniforms as they dropped from helicopters into yards. Electricity was cut off, and the town was completely dark. Silhouettes of soldiers were everywhere. Machine gun fire began to lighten the night sky. Hundreds of calls began to flood the sheriff’s office. The sheriff had no idea what was happening. The soldiers captured the Anniston, Alabama airport. They controlled the town.

After the absolutely secret exercise was over, the Anniston Star contacted Ft. Bragg to find out what had just happened. Ft. Bragg’s public relations staff just said it was an urban exercise!

Public reaction was that the city was under siege from enemies of America, and it was truly an invasion from Russian or Chinese Communist troops. Fear was everywhere!!!

On August 27, 2008, black helicopters swarmed downtown Portland, Oregon. These black helicopters have been making more regular appearances in major cities – WHY? This time there was talk of using live rounds of ammunition, as military personnel practiced jumping onto downtown rooftops. The Army and Navy were conducting Urban Military Training in Portland and Salem, Oregon from August 17-30, 2008, according to KGW News Channel 8. The training included “low visibility movement, military operations in urban terrain, manual and low weight explosive breaching, fast-rope insertion, live fire” and other exercises, according to a memo from Portland Mayor Tom Potter to the Navy’s Special Warfare Development Group.

Many calls came into emergency dispatchers and the mayor’s office from residents and visitors. “It’s nothing to worry about,” city and federal officials insisted on Tuesday. “By the way, you might see more of the same tonight.”

These types of activities have been going on for several years. The question should be WHY? We are told they are not for America, but these urban training exercises are for wars in foreign countries. It makes me wonder why strange surveys have been passed out at Twenty-Nine Palms, California military base!

The survey given at Twenty-Nine Palms military base had 43 questions. Starting with questions number 28, notice the setting has changed to determine whether our military will serve with United Nations commands that eventually would be required to fire on American citizens!!!

Consider the following statements:

28. The U.S. runs a field training exercise. U.N. combat troops should be allowed to serve in U.S. units during these exercises under U.S. command and control. ___Strongly Disagree ___Dis-agree___Agree ___Strongly Agree ___No Opinion

30. The U.N. runs a field exercise. U.S. combat troops should serve under U.N. command and control. (The same five responses were offered)

31. U.S. combat troops should participate in U.N. missions as long as the U.S. has full command and control. (Same five responses offered)

32. U.S. combat troops should participate in U.N. missions under U.N. command and control. (Same five responses offered)

33. U.S. combat troops should be commanded by U.N. officers AND non-commissioned officers at the battalion and company levels while performing U.N. missions. (Same five responses offered)

41. I would like U.N. member countries, including the U.S., to give the U.N. all the soldiers necessary to maintain world peace. (Same five responses offered)

42. I would swear to the following code:“I am a U.N. fighting person. I serve in the forces which maintain world peace and every nation’s way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their defense.” (Same five responses offered)

43. The U.S. government declares a ban on the possession, sale, transportation and transfer of all non-sporting firearms. A 30-day amnesty period is permitted for these firearms to be turned over to the local authorities. At the end of this period, a number of citizen groups refuse to turn over their firearms. Consider the following statement: “I would FIRE UPON U.S. citizens who refuse or resist confiscation of firearms banned by the U.S. government.” (Same five responses offered)

These urban exercises began AFTER that survey was given. Is our military engaged in urban warfare training for foreign wars or for U.S. citizens???

The time is close! Jesus is our Protector!!! We should be turning to Him with all of our heart!

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