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Selling America!

By David J. Smith
October 11, 2008

In 1954, the United Nations published a map of which countries would occupy other countries to guarantee world peace. In 1897, the Illuminati laid down an updated version of their plan for world government. In that 1897 plan, they wrote that they would bring all the nations together under their banner. In those 1897 meetings, it was decided that when they were about to come into their kingdom, they would create monopolies in the market place. How do all these things fit in with exactly what is happening in America and now spilled over to every stock market in the world?

Starting in the 1990s, the Illuminati, worshippers of Lucifer/Satan, began to create mergers of multinational corporations. It became difficult to tell one country from another. Outsourcing of jobs started, so the Marxist plan to eliminate the middle class in America could be achieved!

After World War II, the European Economic Community was created. Six countries were to cooperate in trade by having a single trade program. They wrote and passed laws that slowly took away their national sovereignty. As the years went by, more countries were added to the EEC. Finally, the name was changed to the European Union, because they were becoming ONE in politics and the military, as well as the economic process. The trade agreements were only a “front” to create a United States of Europe. The European Union would only be one of ten future such agreements.

The Warsaw Block of Communist countries were to be another. The Southeast Asia Treaty Organization was to be another. Israel and Japan would be two stand alone countries. The African Union would become another. The Organization of South American states would become yet another. The North American Union composed of Mexico, the United States, and Canada would become yet another. Two others are to emerge.

The only way to bring America down and force it into world government is to destroy its economic base. The so-called bailout plan would only bailout foreign creditors, not the U.S. citizens.

What if our government has ALREADY shipped $800 Billion in AMEROS to the China Development Bank? What if you and I, as American citizens, were not to know that the economy is to collapse? What if the Amero would replace the U.S. and Canadian dollar and the Mexican peso? What if, after the next President occupies the White House, it is to be announced that the U.S. is repudiating all debts? What if the Amero would immediately replace the three currencies of North America? What if this would leave every American destitute?

What if the U.S. Congress is passing a bill called the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, which would allow Communist Chinese police to enter the U.S.A. to protect their investments? What if the Chinese are holding $1.4 trillion in U.S. debts? What if the Federal Reserve has made an agreement with the Central Bank of China to protect the real estate mortgages that have gone bad? In order to secure their property, they would need police!!! The 1954 United Nations map showed Communist Chinese troops patrolling the Western part of the U.S. – California, Oregon, and Washington. Is this the backdoor way to get them inside our border? We will wait and see!

I will quote parts of an article from www. Fourwinds10.com:

“Russian economists are expressing shock today (Sept. 29, 2008) over a new United States law that will allow for the first time in that nation’s history the police forces of a foreign Nation to have law enforcement powers OVER their citizens.

“These powers are specifically being granted to China’s State Security Police who operate under the Ministry of State Security for the Peoples Republic of China by the United States as a precondition for the Chinese Governments continued purchasing of U.S. debt as the Americans continue their desperate actions to avert their total economic collapse. (Editor’s note: Rep. Brad Sherman, D-CA, revealed that President Bush threatened to call martial law if the bill was not passed.)

“China had previously ordered its banks to halt lending to the United States, an action that would totally cripple the American banking system, as we can read as reported by the Reuters News Service:

“’Chinese regulators have told domestic banks to stop inter-bank lending to U.S. financial institutions to prevent possible losses during the financial crisis, the South China Morning Post reported on Thursday (Oct. 2, 2008).’”

International Communism stated long ago that the way to destroy America would be to debauch our currency. It is happening. The Federal Reserve System is run by agents of the Illuminati!!! I marvel at their diabolical plan, inspired by Satan!

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