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America Under Siege!

By David J. Smith
November 8, 2008

V. I. Lenin, the first ruthless dictator of Communist Russia laid down the final instructions to conquer the world. This plan has never been deviated from since 1921. First, they would take Eastern Europe; secondly, they would take the masses of Asia; thirdly, they would surround the United States, which would be the last bastion of capitalism, and it would fall like a ripe fruit into their hands.

America is under siege from without – Communist Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, etc. – and within by Socialist/Communist infiltrators and Muslims who are dedicated to our destruction!

We have witnessed the attempt on the World Trade Center in the 1990s by Islamics that were captured, tried, and sentenced to prison. The Murrah Federal Building went down in an explosion. Forty eyewitnesses were willing to testify that before 9:00am that fateful morning many men of Middle Eastern descent were wondering around the building and went into the underground parking garage. Their testimony was rejected. Timothy McVey’s defense attorney wrote a book entitled Other’s Unknown. Computer files were discovered in 1995 revealing that radical Islamics were planning on hijacking airplanes and using them to fly into the World Trade Buildings and other targets to destroy the economy of “the Great Satan,” as they call us.

In 1995 it was also discovered that Islamics already had 100 cells in America with plans to unleash biological weapons of mass destruction and kill as many Americans as possible. Their religious belief is that you are assured a place in heaven by killing “infidels.” Infidels are all non-Muslims. That is you and I my friend!!!

There are over one billion Muslims in the world. Now, combine that figure with the Chinese Communist of over one billion people and you have one third of the population on Earth.

Chi Haotian, Minister of Defense and vice-chairman of China’s Central Military Commission, gave a speech that was published on February 15, 2005. This speech set forth the Chinese Communist Party’s strategy for the development of China. The speech was entitled “The War Is Not Far From Us and Is the Midwife of the Chinese Century.”

The speech argues for the necessity of China using biological warfare to DEPOPULATE the United States and prepare it for a future massive Chinese colonization. The Chinese military ran surveys on line to determine whether the Chinese people would stand behind such a war. The military was very excited about the results. 80 percent of the up coming younger generation said they would shoot women, children, and prisoners of war (posted on Chinese internet site from Feb. 2 – March 1, 2004).

The survey revealed that only 3.8 percent would not kill women, children, and prisoners of war. They concluded that these future soldiers would be ruthless in killing enemy combatants. The Chinese military said they wanted to determine if the future generation would be ready to kill massive numbers of people if it was required. The Chinese military said that the WHOLE WORLD would be the war playing field if it will be required. Both Comrade Liu Huaqing, of the older Party leaders, and Comrade He Xin, of the younger Party leaders, have both repeatedly stressed the theory of a shift of the center of world civilization from America to China.

To most people’s surprise, the United States’ people are descended from one of the two sons of Joseph of the Bible – Manasseh! In Genesis 49: 22-26, it says Joseph would be made strong by the mighty hands of God. Britain is descended from Ephraim, the other son of Joseph. The Northern Ten Tribes of Israel rebelled against King Solomon’s son over heavy taxation. They separated from the kingly line of David (I Kings 11-12). They never obeyed God again; therefore, the king of Assyria captured them in 721-718 B.C., and deported them out of their land. They were sifted through the nations and migrated to the locations God had reserved for them. Joseph’s two sons were to become the greatest single nation in history and a commonwealth of nations (Genesis 48).

In the “last days” (Genesis 49: 1, 22-26) they were to be hated and war made against them for turning from the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Ten Northern Tribes became known as the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. In the “last days” they have been found. They also became known as the House of Israel! The Tribe of Judah became known as the House of Judah. The first time the word Jew is used in the Bible, Israel is at war with the Jews (2 Kings 16: 5-6).

The descendants of Ishmael (Arabs) hate us and want the “birthright” of great wealth given to Joseph (I Chronicles 5: 1-2). International Communism hates us and wants us destroyed (Ezekiel 38: 1-12). Will anyone listen and turn back to Jesus Christ?

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