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World Leadership In the Last Days!

By David J. Smith
November 22, 2008

The people of this planet are mostly blinded to the knowledge of the Bible (Romans 11: 7-8). The vast majority of people are of various other religions. God chose one group of people to show His greatness – Israel. Israel was composed of twelve tribes, not just one – Judah, nicknamed Jews today. Most people in the professing Christian community have no concept that the nation of Israel, except for Judah, was taken into national captivity and sifted through the nations until they arrived at their new homeland.

Genesis 48 reveals a blessing being passed onto the heads of Joseph’s two sons – Ephraim and Manasseh. Old Jacob prophesied that Manasseh would become the greatest single nation in history, and Ephraim would become a company, multitude, or a commonwealth of nations.

Reuben was the oldest son by Jacob’s first wife, but because of indiscretions he was disqualified from receiving a double portion of the “birthright” of great wealth. This blessing was passed down to the oldest son of Jacob’s second wife – Joseph’s two sons Ephraim and Manasseh (1 Chronicle 5: 1-2).

In Genesis 49, old Jacob told his sons what they would be like in the LAST DAYS! Their descendents would grow into large numbers, especially Ephraim and Manasseh – Joseph’s two sons.

Can anyone identify the greatest single nation and a commonwealth of nations that are brother nations, except for the United States and British Commonwealth? The word British is two Hebrew words combined to make one word. Brit means covenant, while ish means mancovenant man! Britain is also two Hebrew words that mean covenant (Brit) land (ain).

Who have been the leaders of the modern world since World War I? Who, combined as brothers, have led the world politically, economically, militarily, and religiously in the last one hundred years?

Have there ever been two brother nations except the United States and Great Britain that has controlled the wealth of the world in the last days? We controlled oil production, automobile production, precious minerals production, etc, during the twentieth century and even into the twenty-first century.

However, we have also led the world in sin also. We export pornography the world over. Our example of Godly living has evaporated on the world scene. Jesus Christ was first in the lives of 84 percent of Americans through the 1950s. We now live like there is no God that will take account of our actions.

In Genesis 49: 22-26, it reveals that Joseph’s two son’s strength were upheld by the hands of the mighty God, the stone – Jesus Christ. Britain and America have taken the Bible around the world. People in every nation on earth can trace their Christian belief system directly to these two nations. No wonder Satan wants these brother nations destroyed and their religious power scattered by national captivity, or the United Nations Genocide Convention Treaty. Pressure is building in the United Nations to shut down Christianity because they consider it a narrow religion. We believe that Jesus Christ is the ONLY Savior of this world, while the U.N., Freemasonry, and Barack Obama, believe that all religions (paths) lead to the same God.

It is sad, but the sins of our nation will catch up with us. God will not be mocked, for whatever we sow we shall also reap (Galatians 6). Our nation has turned its back upon God, except for true Christians! We have led the world in violating the Ten Commandments. As a result of the American and British new lifestyle of sinful living and rejecting Jesus Christ, we have become the enemy of the world! What is one of the greatest complaints of the Muslim world against America? We are exporting our sins to their nations.

Look what is happening to us as a direct result of leading the world by a wrong example! We have had jihad war pronounced upon us and have been called the Great Satan by the Muslim world. We have had International Communism laying their plans for the destruction of America since 1871, when Albert Pike laid out his plan to conquer the world. The Illuminati has been relentless in their work for Lucifer to destroy these “birthright” nations that accepted Jesus Christ at one time.

“Righteousness EXALTS a nation: but SIN is a REPROACH to any people” (Proverbs 14: 34). While America and Britain led the world in righteousness from around 1652 until the 1950s, they now are leading the world in sin! We were exalted at one time, but Communism infiltrated and introduced evolution and sin. We fell for their lies, and are now leading the world in unrighteousness!!!

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