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Thoughts of the Week

By David J. Smith
May 9, 2009

CNN news, during the week of May 23-27, 2005, showed pictures of a shipping container opened to verify the contents, and they found a weapon of mass destruction. It looked like a nuclear missile. The report revealed that the port authorities accept the word of the captain that all the cargo was what they said it was. 99.9% of all crates are never checked for proper contents.

One Congressman interviewed by Lou Dobbs of CNN said that if we didn’t get control of our borders that America would one day go up in smoke. Sobering words! This has been the repeated statement of International Communism since 1871 and the 1930s.

Of course, Communism is only a front for the Order of the Illuminati – worshippers of Lucifer/Satan, the Devil. Their objective was to destroy the foundations of every nation and rebuild that targeted nation from the ground up to be a Socialist society.

Toward a Soviet America – the Book

This book laid bare the program of destruction of the American system, and the proposed superimposition of a Socialist system upon the American people. The original author of the book was one of the most notorious American Communist ever known – William Z. Foster. When the original copyright expired, it was republished word-for-word. The FOREWORD to the republication was written by FRANCIS E. WALTER, Chairman, Committee on Un-American Activities, United States House of Representatives. He wrote in 1961:

This is the book the Communists tried to destroy. They had the best of reasons for destroying it. IT TELLS TOO MUCH …

Communist leader William Z. Foster’s TOWARD SOVIET AMERICA is easily the best-known book dealing with Communism by any American Communist. But the Communists themselves suppressed it: and, for all its fame, only a handful of Americans have actually seen the Foster work.

“But here, at last, the legendary book is being brought out of hiding. Now it can be viewed in all its fascinating ugliness.

“It was in 1932 that TOWARD SOVIET AMERICA first made its appearance. That year it was issued, separately, and nearly simultaneously – by not one, but two, New York publishing houses. The first was a company of considerable standing in the business; the second, International Publishers, an all-too-busy Communist enterprise which leased the plates and made only one change, substituting its own name for that of the original publisher on the title page. …

“When TOWARD SOVIET AMERICA was written, William Z. Foster was an open, admitted Communist. He was, in fact, the National Chairman of the Communist of the United States of America. What Foster said in this book was said by the highest official of American Communism. Moreover, his every word had Moscow’s approval, or he would not long have remained at the head of the Moscow-directed American Communist apparatus. But he did remain National Chairman for many years, so he must have obeyed faithfully all the while.

“A dedicated Communist to the end of his life, William Z. Foster, since 1957 Chairman Emeritus of the Communist Party, USA, died in Moscow of natural causes, on the first day of September 1961. In a massive state funeral, his ashes were deposited in the Kremlin itself. That made him the third ‘American’ to achieve this dubious distinction: John Reed and Big Bill Hayward had preceded Foster in similar propaganda entombment. Later, however, Foster’s remains were removed to Chicago.

“A cynical Kremlin thus publicly honored its American branch manager for forty years of service. The hollow mockery of a state funeral suited the purposes of the Communist International. It was tossing a crumb to its people in the United States. For the American Communist Party is simply a chain-store retail outlet for a global wholesaler of espionage, sabotage, subversion, and revolution.

“William Z. Foster put the text of TOWARD SOVIET AMERICA on paper. The book’s real author was Karl Marx, with the collaboration of Nikolai Lenin and Josef Stalin. It is the poisonous ideas, and the destructive plans, of Marx and Lenin and Stalin, not merely those of Foster, that make this book so meaningful and so frighteningly authentic.

“For TOWARD SOVIET AMERICA disclosed EXACTLY what those geniuses of evil planned for this country under the hammer and sickle. The plan HAS NOT CHANGED. TOWARD SOVIET AMERICA still reveals what your fate under that symbol of slavery is intended to be.”

The Book of Revelation lays bare this horrible plan of International Communism backed by the power of Satan, the Devil. In Chapter 6 we find a RED HORSE that goes out into the earth. It has two purposes: 1) To take peace from the earth; and 2) to kill mankind. The largest single machine of mass murder since the 1917-1919 Communist Revolution has been Russian style Communism.

Add to Russian Communism Mao Tse-Tung’s Chinese brand of Communism, and you have had the most murderous killing machine in human history. It is sad that people can be so demonically influenced. This is where the rejection of the true God leads!!!

When the “firestorm” hits America, I pray God will lead a section of the country to become independent and protect His saints from all this horror to come!

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