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Vaccinations – Why?

By David J. Smith
August 1, 2009

The Illuminati formulated a plan in 1897, as laid out in writing in what became known as The Protocols. They stated that they would weaken the nations, especially the United States, through inoculations, better known as vaccinations!

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the authority when it comes to vaccines. The CDC claims that vaccines are responsible for the eradication of communicable diseases. Vaccine preventable diseases were nearly eradicated before any vaccine was ever introduced. For example, measles was 98.6 percent eradicated on its own before the vaccine was introduced in 1963. How about Pertussis? It was nearly 89 percent eradicated before the widespread use of the vaccine in the late 1940s.

But it gets better! What about the flu shot that is heavily advertised every fall? The CDC claims the flu takes 36,000 lives every year – a number pulled out of thin air. Their own records dispute the bogus 36,000 annual deaths. According to the CDC, in 2001 there were only 257 reported deaths from the flu (Doshi, P., 2005. “Are US flu death figures more PR than science?” – British Medical Journal, p. 331, 1412). Looking back through the CDC’s records dating back to 1979, there was an average of only 1,348 flu deaths per year – nowhere close to 36,000 (Ibid).

The CDC further states vaccines are safe and effective. There have NEVER been any studies done to test vaccines for their carcinogenic [cancer causing], mutagenic, or potential to impair fertility. Could this be because vaccines CONTAIN CARCINOGENS? Carcinogens CAUSE CANCER!!! Who in their right mind would inject cancer-causing agents into a teeny tiny baby or adult? Carcinogens are not the only thing vaccines contain. They also contain neurotoxins, “harsh poisons,” and hazardous waste. According to Eli Lilly, the manufacturer of THIMEROSAL,This material and its container MUST be disposed of as HAZARDOUS WASTE.” The medical profession disposes of this hazardous waste into our most innocent and purest form of life – OUR CHILDREN!!! Thimerosal has NEVER been removed from vaccines, only MOVED from one vaccine to another.

These vaccines are effective, right? NO!!! If the vaccine does take, the immunity lasts ten years at best. For example, the hepatitis B vaccine is given immediately after birth for the prevention of hepatitis B – which is transmitted by V.I. drug use and sexual contact. By the time a child is old enough to become a drug-using prostitute, they will have absolutely NO immunity from the vaccine. HOWEVER, studies have shown the vaccine to cause DIABETES!!!

Many parents have lost very young babies and wondered why. The father of one such loss of a child said his child began to act differently from the day of the vaccination. The father repeatedly stated that his child was killed by the vaccine. Doctors do not want to talk about deaths related to any vaccine. People are simply told that vaccines are for the “greater good.” A certain amount of losses is acceptable.

A report came out that the summary of an autopsy was copied directly from the vaccine monograph, under the heading of “Contraindications,” as follows:

“Sudden infant death syndrome has been reported following administration of vaccines containing diphtheria, tetanus toxoids, and pertussis vaccine. However, the significance of these reports is not clear. One common factor is the age where primary immunization was done. Between the age of 2 to 6 months, is a period where most sudden infant death syndromes are found to occur, with a peak incidence being at 2 to 4 months.”

No toxicology testing is performed. The pediatrician never files an adverse vaccine reaction report with health authorities. Sudden infant death syndrome is not included in vaccine-adverse reaction data, even if a child dies only a few hours after receiving an inoculation. This falsified data is presented to physicians and the public to reassure them that vaccines are safe.

The government’s own literature advises that little or no testing has occurred in the area of vaccine safety or efficacy. Essentially, our children ARE the test. According to their literature, immunization is “the most cost effective” way to prevent disease. Nowhere in their literature does it claim to be the SAFEST!!! We are trading our children’s lives to save the government money. We are told that the benefits outweigh the risks. Many of the diseases that we vaccinate for are not even life threatening; however, the vaccine itself has the potential to kill. Vaccines kill at a much higher rate then we are led to believe. We play vaccine roulette with our children’s lives, and we never know which child will fall victim next.

The Federal Government has being playing the “fear” card with the Swine’s flu, so everyone will take the vaccine THEY provide through their billion-dollar profiteers. Along with the threat of going door-to-door and forcing everyone to take this vaccine, Texas has just passed a law that can force relocation of citizens in case of an emergency!!! Will there be manufactured statistics to cause massive relocation of citizens? Of course, this would close the case for Obama’s Socialized medicine for America. Are we ready, America, to turn back to God? (This information comes directly from the CDC, pharmaceutical companies’ vaccine package inserts, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Institute of Medicine, the U.S. Congress, and from studies published in prestigious peer reviewed medical journals.)

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