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Obama Really Was Born in Kenya!!!

By David J. Smith
August 8, 2009

A man by the name of Barack Hussein Obama rose from out of nowhere to take an Illinois Senate seat, followed by a Senate seat in Washington, DC, and then was elected President of the United States of America.

Where did he come from? Where was he born? The Constitution of the United States says clearly that a person must be a “natural born citizen” of the U.S. and over the age of 35 to become President!!!

There have been many lawsuits against Obama, asking the question: Are you a natural born citizen? So far, there has been no effort by the Courts to seek out the truth. Why should they? Most are liberals that want the country destroyed and prepared to enter the Socialistic New World Order!!!

Recently, there was a Town Meeting in New Hampshire with a Federal Government representative present to answer questions. Was he ever surprised! The crowd was very patriotic and loved the Constitution. One woman stood to ask for Obama’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE. She held hers up. She was born in 1961. She quoted the Constitution that Obama must be a “natural born citizen.” All she wanted to see was his birth certificate PROVING he was eligible to be President of the United States.

The government representative simply replied that Obama was a citizen of the U.S. There is a big difference in being a citizen and a “natural born citizen!” A person who has immigrated to the United States and applied for citizenship, and later received citizenship papers IS a legal citizen, but not eligible to become President. You must be born of parents who are “born” citizens of the United States.

If you were not a “natural born citizen,” you are not eligible to become President!!! Obama has spent over $950,000 to fight having to release his birth certificate! Why? Releasing it would have solved all his problems. Maybe he has been told not to worry, the fix is on. Why would this editor say this?

I am holding in my hand, as I write this article, a “Certified Copy of Registration of Birth” with the following typed on it:

  1. 1961, No. 17, 044, District of Mombasa, Kenya
  2. Date and place of birth: 4th August 1961, Coast General Hospital in Mombasa.
  3. Christian name: Barack Hussein, Male
  4. Father: Barack Hussein Obama, 26 years, Kanyadhinng village, Nyanza Province, Student.
  5. Mother: Stanley Ann Obama, formerly Dunham 16 years, Wichita, Eugene, United States
  6. Year of present marriage: 1961
  7. Date of Registration: 6th August, 1961
  8. Entered at the District Registry Office, this 9th Day of August, 1961
  9. Joshua Simon Oduya, Deputy Registrar, entry recorded in the Birth Register of this Province, Book 44B, Page5735
  10. It was certified as the original of 17th day of February, 1964.
  11. Office of the Principal Registrar, Coast Province, Republic of Kenya.

Will the Court accept the lawsuits filed to remove Barack Hussein Obama from the Office of the President of the United States? It can be PROVEN that he was NOT a “natural born citizen” because he had a Kenyan father and was born in Kenya.

Will Obama be allowed to continue to ramrod Socialistic legislation down the throats of a weak kneed Congress that will not uphold their vows to “defend the Constitution against enemies both domestic and from abroad?”

Has he, FEMA and the military been preparing for martial law when the laboratory manufactured “swine flu” is unleashed? Will there be door-to-door military operations to find people who refuse the vaccination?

Will Barack Obama’s Muslim religion play a part in vaccinating everyone? The last time such a vaccine was administered more people died from the vaccine than the flu!!! Why has the Obama Administration quietly dismissed many Christians from their jobs? Just as important: Why has Obama brought two DEVOUT Muslims on board at Homeland Security? Arif Alikhan is now Assistant Secretary for Policy Development (Source: Homeland Security Press Room). Kareem Shora was born in Damascus, Syria. Shora was appointed to the Homeland Security Advisory Council by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano on June 5, 2009.

It seems to this editor that America has been completely infiltrated by those who want us destroyed. Obama has said repeatedly that the greatest nation on earth can’t solve the global problems alone; it requires our sacrifice and other nations to help us. This is clothed language for a one-world-government! The very GOAL of world Socialism/Communism is a one-world-government.

This is the best information that we have been able to obtain at this time. If, over time, we find any of the above to be inaccurate, we will try to inform you. However, that does not negate the fact that Revelation 13 describes the rise of a one-world-government. Obama is playing a part in that rising government. We also know it is the Illuminati International Bankers pulling his strings.

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