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Why? Why? Why?

By David J. Smith
September 12, 2009

Americans, as a whole, have the largest gross national product in the world; therefore, we have the highest standard of living in the world. The average American, at least 98% of them, will get married and have children.

The poorest Americans have a roof over their head to keep them from the elements – rain, snow, wind, freezing rain, or excessive heat. Most Americans have heat and air conditioning in their homes.

Nearly every American child can and will attend school or be home schooled. Education for those who want it is theirs for the taking. Any child who lives a certain distance from school is picked up by a school bus and provided a method to get to school. Such luxury!

The average American family has two cars. Young people grow to driving age, and there they go! Young people walk around with their cell phones and Ipods. They live in a lap of luxury. They must have the latest style clothing – even though some of them are not suitable to be worn. They let peer pressure dictate to them to be worldly and sometimes act very ungodly. It doesn’t matter what the parents think! Many young people are bent upon having their own way and commit actions that were unthinkable in the 1950s.

Many people who claim to have God’s Holy Spirit act just like the world!!! The husband has no respect for his wife; the wife can be hardheaded and uncooperative in building a wonderful relationship. It is the SELFISH generation, and it has rubbed off on some husbands and wives IN THE CHURCH. Some men would never turn loose of one single dollar to be spent by his wife! It is ME, MYSELF, and I – NOT WE!!! The Bible, that WE are supposed to live by, says that a man and woman are to become ONE flesh. That has more meaning than sex. We are to build a life together, not separately. We are to SHARE ourselves with our mate.

We can attend church because of the freedoms we have in America. We are the freest country in the world and have been since our inception. We are free to come and go as we please without state papers – yet! We are free to shop without rations. We are free to go on vacations if we have the funds. We are free to think our own thoughts. We are free to better ourselves by getting a higher paying job or start our own business.

We are free to DISOBEY our God; but don’t pretend to be a Christian in a state of disobedience! We are free to disrespect our husband or wife – that is sin! We are free to constantly argue, fight and set an awful example for our children – that is sin! We are free to be stingy with our mate and make them feel like they are worthless – that is sin! We are free to say harsh words that dishonors our mate and destroys his or her self-esteem – that is sin!

Oh well! That is just the way I was raised. Christians are to REPENT and break sinful cycles that our parents mistaught us. Constant grumbling and complaining should be totally out of place as we live in the greatest and most luxurious country that has ever existed. WHY aren’t we grateful, thankful, and appreciative? WHY? WHY? WHY?

We’re free to go into the Lake of Fire because WE choose to disobey God and be unthankful, ungrateful, and a constant complainer, while we sit in the midst of the greatest nation in the world! Read what was written in I Corinthians 10 and weep you ungrateful, unappreciative murmurers!

I WANT TO GIVE ALL HUSBANDS AND WIVES THAT CONSTANTLY FIGHT AND ARE ALWAYS ON THE VERGE OF DIVORCE A CHALLENGE. Go see the movie Blood Diamonds, and if you don’t go away with a deeply repentant attitude and a different outlook toward your mate, you are hopeless! If you can see that movie based upon REAL EVENTS and not learn to appreciate, be grateful for what you have, and stop complaining, then you are in a hopeless condition. You can’t be touched with natural feelings. You can’t be tenderhearted as the Bible says. You can never love as God says to do. You will never appreciate your husband or wife that is in the faith. If that movie doesn’t touch you, NOTHING CAN!

Jesus said that men are to love their wives as their own body. I don’t know any man that doesn’t like to be pampered. SO DO WIVES!!! Jesus inspired that women are to love their husbands. He also inspired that “a soft answer turns away wrath.” WHEN ARE WE GOING TO BELIEVE JESUS AND START ACTING LIKE IT???

We are to let the Holy Spirit transform our lives to be Christ LIKE! Are we? Then why are husbands and wives seeing their marriages fall apart simply from SELFISHNESS – and not from a legitimate reason? How many will live Christ like to escape the things that are coming? (Luke 21:36) I pray you will!!!

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