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The End of the Fifty States as We Know Them!

By David J. Smith
October 3, 2009

There appears to be no evidence that the American people themselves are even aware of the catastrophic events soon to overtake them.”

Steve LeFemine, Independent candidate for Congress

“Our worst fears confirmed! We are suffering a coup d’etat in America. It is in the final stages of completion … the program to abrogate American Sovereignty …May God have mercy on America.”

Lawrence Patterson, Criminal Politics, May-June 2006

The plot has been ongoing since shortly after America became an independent nation. The International Bankers, known as the Illuminati because they worship Lucifer, have bribed individuals, infiltrated and usurped our government, and have steadily brought to pass the overthrow of our once great Constitutional Republic.

They really made headway when they illegally created the Federal Reserve System to take the creation of money out of Congresses authority as the Constitution calls for.

They further gained significant control through infiltration into our State Department by the Marxist Council on Foreign Relations during the FDR Administration in the ‘30s.

Before World War II was concluded, these infiltrations began to brainwash America by calling the Allied Forces United Nations troops. The United Nations was officially ratified in 1945 by an illegal use of treaty power. The United Nations was not and never has been an independent nation. The U.S. requires treaties to be made ONLY with viable nation states.

President John F. Kennedy signed Public Law 87-297 entitled The General and Complete Disarmament of the United States in a Peaceful World. This was another illegal treaty that would eventually turn ALL of our military along with our armaments to the United Nations, proven to be a Communist front organization for a Communist one-world-government. The Second Amendment would be erased because all private guns would be confiscated and turned over to the U.N. See U.S. Code Title 22 Section 2551, etc.

The United States has become the guardian of the world, using our military to subject nations that threaten the Illuminati’s drive for world dictatorship. Our young men and women have been selected to die and become wounded and maimed physically and psychologically to eliminate these threats.

Now, the final step has emerged in this coup d’etat. Without the consent of the American people and our representatives, former President George W. Bush, former Mexican Communist President Vicente Fox, and Canada’s previous Prime Minister sat down at Baylor University in WACO, Texas and drew up the plans for: Building A North American Community.

The idea of the elitist is to divide the world into ten regions. The North American Community is the one designed for Mexico, the United States, and Canada. The book mentioned, in black, in the previous paragraph calls for the ending of American Sovereignty and the overthrow of the American Constitution and government. The overthrow of the American Republic is all being done by illegal treaties without the consent of the governed!

It calls for a new currency – the Amero – to replace the U.S. dollar. All borders between Mexico, the U.S.A., and Canada will be erased while the Border Patrol will become defunct! Now do we understand why former President Bush, Obama, and many Socialists in congress will do nothing to secure the border with Mexico? A North American Parliament Group composed of Mexican, U.S., and Canadian politicians will supercede the authority of Congress.

The Supreme Court and all other courts will become defunct by use of a North American Judicial Council.

The 106 million citizens of Mexico will be given full rights and allowed to enter the U.S. to re-conquer whatever lands they choose. The Bill of Rights will be abolished and a new North American “Declaration of Rights” will be drawn up.

Over 100 million Mexicans living South of the Border, plus 20-30 million more Mexicans already residing here illegally, will be awarded full social security benefits, medicare benefits, full time jobs, voting, and other rights as the American taxpayers foot the bill. This is called “redistribution of the wealth.” It is done in every socialist country. Mexican workers will be given affirmative action and preferential job quotas. Millions of American citizens will continue to lose their jobs.

Every American should read Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 to see whether this applies to us today! It is scary to read these chapters in the Bible and see how they fit America right now!!!

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