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The Threat to the Security of Our Nation From Within!!!

By David J. Smith
November 21, 2009

“I am concerned for the security of our great nation, not so much because of any threat from without, BUT BECAUSE OF THE INSIDIOUS FORCES WORKING FROM WITHIN.” – General Douglas MacArthur

The House Committee on Un-American Activities, back in the 1960s, discovered a beehive of Communist cells working WITHIN our government to over take it over for world Communism.

Two different Communists, one in America and the dictator of Russia, said that our Congress would pass Socialistic laws UNTIL the American people would one day “wake up” and find they have Communism/ Socialism.

Do we see Americans protesting the Socialism that an illegitimate president is FORCING upon us? In order to get around the Congress and Socialize America, Obama has used Executive Orders to create law. With a majority of Democrats in control of Congress, they go along with Obama just because they are Democrats. Some are secret Socialists, but do not want Americans to know they are secretly abandoning their OATH to uphold the Constitution from enemies both from within and without. THEY ARE THE ENEMY FROM WITHIN!!!

Americans have been shell shocked at the number of so-called “czars” the usurper in the White House has been appointing that answer directly to him and NOT our elected leaders in Congress! Not only the number of “czars,” but their backgrounds and political ideology have begun to scare people.

Van Jones has resigned amid an avalanche of calls for his head. Imagine a czar calling Republicans, excuse his language, “_____” and being stupid enough to allow it on film!!! Then came the next shock to American sensibilities when it was found on film: this LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE is a Red!!! How could Obama/Soetoro have selected a Communist??? There is an old saying: “Birds of a feather flock together.” The Bible has a similar phrase: “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?” (Amos 3:3). Obama/Soetoro appointed Jones because they both agree – UPON SOCIALISM!!!

We know Obama is a devout Marxist through and through. Americans didn’t want to hear anything negative about Obama/Soetoro during the phony presidential race, because any criticism turned into a race issue, and Obama/Soetoro played it like a master violinist.

William Z. Foster said there would someday be a Communist in the White House. That day arrived on January 20, 2009. In Foster’s book, Toward a Soviet America, page 271, Foster wrote: “The American Soviet Government will be organized along the broad lines of the Russian Soviets.” He went on to give the “blueprint” of how it was to be done. As he outlined, it would be done to America right under everyone’s nose. The forward to a new printing was written by Francis E. Walter, Chairman, Committee on Un-American Activities, House of Representatives. Everything Foster wrote is happening in America RIGHT NOW!!!

The countries of the globe were to be first colonized, then become destroyed in wars. The relentless march towards world Communism was the purpose! You can see history laid out before your eyes. The quest for global domination under Communism isn’t dead. It’s alive, but underground.

Example: The Global Warming supposed threat formed an international program to investigate, but was taken over within a year by Communists. The so-called Cap and Trade treaty being proposed is nothing but a treaty calling for World Government. That government will be Communist. Guess who said he was going in person to SIGN the treaty – Marxist/Communist/ Socialist Barack Husssein Obama/Soetoro, first a Kenyan then an Inodesian citizen that disqualifies him from being President. HE IS NOT A “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” of the United States as the Constitution requires!!!

Another example of infiltration in secret: Kevin Hornbuckle was elected to the city council in Eugene, Oregon, in 1992, as a registered Democrat, and then came out of the closet to proudly announce in an interview: “I’d simply point out that Communists in the United States are fighting for HEALTH CARE, HOUSING, and JOBS as a human right. I’m proud to be a Communist.”

How many more Communists are in the closet undermining and subverting our Constitution and sovereignty? Not only are they being elected to public office under false pretenses, these American haters are teaching in high end colleges and universities throughout the country. Your son and/or daughter is being taught the toxic and destructive doctrine called communitarianism (Communist morality).

Global warming hoax czarette is Carol Browning, the former Clinton-era director of the unconstitutional Environmental Protection Agency (1993-2000). Browning is a Socialist right down to her RED knickers.

Czar after czar, more than 20 in all, have similar backgrounds and ideology. That is why they can function within the Obama/Soetoro administration. America, the greatest nation that has ever existed, is in a heap of trouble. The only solution is to do what I Chronicles 7: 14 says – return to the ways of God, and He will deliver us from the evil that is on the horizon. It does not look likely with all the Communist new morality that has been taught to the younger generation. God help America!!!

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