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Intelligent Design! Why Suppress It?

By David J. Smith
December 19, 2009

Why are certain men and women in high academic circles supporting evolution and denying that there just could be an Intelligent Designer of the Universe and life on planet Earth?

Evolution teaches that ALL life came from one cell. It learned how to duplicate itself. Some say this cell rode the back of ice that came into our atmosphere. Others say it started with a puddle of soupy water and probably was struck by lightning that gave it life.

When one of these renowned evolutionists was penned down for an answer as to where life came from, he admitted that maybe someone from another planet brought life to planet Earth and let it evolve! Where did the life from another planet or Universe come from originally?

Every evolutionist admitted one important fact: by accepting evolution, you can reject the idea that God exists and a set standard of moral Laws!!! Let’s explore where evolution will lead with NO morals!!!

Adolph Hitler adopted evolution combined with eugenics. Since there are no morals as man evolves upward, supposedly, there would be the selection of the fittest to create a new and pure race. This new man would have no illnesses or impurities in his/her genetic makeup.

Hitler wanted to speedup the process of evolution by eliminating all inferior races, or as he called them – sub-species!!! He first sought out the elderly, crippled, gypsies, and Jews to eliminate as the sub-species. No one was exempt from sure death, because there were NO morals that normal societies would use to protect these people.

Hitler’s concentration camps were only the holding centers for those marked for destruction! After he worked them nearly to death, death came in the gas chambers. Millions died in the name of evolution and eugenics!!! Hitler and his staff, who bought into this lie of evolution, never lost one night sleep over the deaths of millions of people. Why? Since there was no God, no life beyond this temporary existence, Hitler felt he was doing evolution a favor by speeding it up to create the pure race.

Look what was prophesied about this type of behavior: “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified Him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain [worthless] in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. … And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things [evolution]. … Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creation more than the Creator [evolution] … (Romans 1:21-32).

There was another God forsaken movement that began before Hitler, even though Nazi meant National Socialism. It started in Europe. It was known as Marxism, Socialism or Communism! When V. I. Lenin finally combined evolution into this lifeless movement, he was successful. With no conscience against killing people, Lenin could silence all opposition. Communism was taught to people selected to be rebel leaders in other countries. An important factor was evolution – the survival of the fittest!!!

Survival of the fittest opened the door for human butchery in every country being assaulted by Communist rebels. These rebels would use terrorism, maiming, beheading, torture, and death to whole villages because they would not accept Communism. The Communist rebels claimed to be the fittest. They were the survivors to bring in the new Communist man.

In Russia and her satellite countries, over 100 million people died under evolutions’ survival of the fittest!!! Communist China, under Chairman Mao, murdered over 200 million innocent people. This deadly philosophy has encircled the globe under Communism and is in academia in America.

How do we think that the world can be turned into a godless society until the Anti-christ comes onto the scene and claims to be very God??? With miracles being done by him, these promoters of evolution will have to admit their error! Since the national news media is basically captured by the left [as in Communist], they will jump on the bandwagon to promote this long-lost God that suddenly appears.

Scientists, teachers, or anyone who even uses the simple phrase, Intelligent Design, are being fired and losing their tenured jobs. There is a war being waged between evolutionists and creationists. Unfortunately, the evolutionists have the highest positions of authority. Even Baylor University, the most prestigious Baptist University located in Waco, Texas, fired a professor for using the phrase Intelligent Design!!! Since when does a professing religious university fire professors for expressing their belief in a God that Created all things and set in motion life as we know it?

Something stinks in Waco, Texas, and it is not God-fearing people who do not believe in evolution. Why do we think the Communist say “give me two generations of your young people without God, and we’ll have you?” [summarized]

God had recorded in Romans chapter one the reason for not wanting to retain Him in their knowledge – LUST!!! They LUST to rule the world! They LUST for every sexual deviant way imaginable! They LUST for power! They LUST for wealth and are greedy for gain!

America is in the grip of these people who believe they are the fittest. When they cause America to collapse, they will start their purging process to eliminate USELESS EATERS, just like Hitler did!!! Our only hope, at this late date, is to turn back to the God whom they deny exists!!!

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