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America Betrayed!!!

By David J. Smith
December 26, 2009

America’s betrayal has gone back a long way. We can’t hit every detail nor person, but a trail leads back to at least President Woodrow Wilson’s personal advisor – Col. Edward Mandell House, a Marxist!

Wilson said House was his alter ego, meaning they thought along the same lines. Both Wilson and House wanted World Government and sought it through the League of Nations. At that time, America had senators with backbone. They rejected the World Government scheme of the League of Nations.

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve System had a loose money policy during the roaring ‘20s. By the time 1929 had arrived, so had the devastating effects of loose money – recession and then depression. It was planned to bring another chance for World Government.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was controlled by socialists from behind the scenes. He implemented the greatest socialist program ever known in America at that time – the New Deal!!!

Socialism/Communism is when the State runs businesses. The people are the workers. The workers are heavily taxed to distribute the wealth from the haves to the have nots. The more you earn, the more is taken away from you to give to those who earn less. Communism wants to make everyone EQUAL, even though you do not work equally.

Every president since Harry Truman has added small doses of socialism to the American legal system. As Russian dictator Khrushchev stated: “We will give you small doses of socialism until one day you will wake up and find you have communism.” He said LIBERALS in congress would pass the necessary laws to achieve their goal.

Yes, congressmen and women would totally ignore the wishes of their constituents to get socialism passed. Most people feel helpless and say, “you can’t fight city hall.”

Suddenly, out of nowhere came this senator from Illinois. It is easily proven that he is an illegal president because he was not a “natural born citizen.” He was born in Kenya, became an Indonesian citizen, before settling in America. Why was the first Executive Order Obama signed to conceal ALL of his past records – including his birth certificate???

His secret backers had plans for Barack Hussein Obama – COMPLETE THE SOCIALIZATION OF AMERICA!!! He has surrounded himself with communists, socialists, and LIBERALS [which is the same]. One man was so radical he had to resign, Van Jones.

By definition of socialism and communism, government controls the means of production. Under “false” pretenses, the federal government “bailed out” financially AIG, the world’s largest insurers. The problem was the money wasn’t used exclusively for the purpose stated. Million dollar parties were thrown with some of the money. Executives were given larger bonuses. But Obama didn’t care. The Insurance Industry was at least partially socialized!

The major news media began to run stories of the American car industry about to collapse. Once the public had bought into their lie, Obama was safe to pull out of a hat the stimulus package. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said it didn’t matter how much the package was dollar wise as long as it was HUGE. The federal government just wanted control of the means of production. That is the definition of socialism.

Obama has continued to play the dictator by appointing czars [at least 21] over everything. These czars answer directly to Obama and his socialist/communist advisors. Creating czars BYPASSES congress, our legally elected officials. Do we hear anyone cry betrayal?

One objective of socialists and communists was to implement a HealthCare program run by the government! Former President Ronald Reagan gave a long speech rejecting socialized medicine when everything was still filmed in black and white. He stated that socialization of the health industry would completely socialize America. He said our future hung in the balance as a Republic over HealthCare.

Many presidents have tried to get some form of HealthCare passed, but failed. Hillary Clinton, a socialist, trained under Communist/Marxist Saul Alinsky, shut the doors on the public and tried to create a socialized HealthCare program in 1991-1992. There was a leak as to what she was doing, and the plot was foiled.

The illegal Obama has now garnered his Democrat majority and will pass his unconstitutional HealthCare bill on December 24, 2009. America will once again be betrayed! It will happen because representatives and senators did not have the courage to say NO!!! OR – they were LIBERALS [socialist/ communist] already and worked in conjunction with others to complete the socialization of America!!!

Anyone who would trade freedom for control of every aspect of our lives is purely insane – OR – they have an agenda for a world socialist government. AMERICA IS THE FINAL TARGET!

There is something afoot in America that was prophesied long ago: “Ah SINFUL nation, … they have FORSAKEN the Lord, … they are gone away backward. … the WHOLE HEAD [the president and congress] is SICK, and the whole heart faint. From the soul of the foot even unto the head there is NO SOUNDNESS in it; … Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire: your land, strangers [illegal aliens] devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as OVERTHROWN BY STRANGERS” [illegal aliens, including an illegal president] (Isaiah 1: 4-7).

There is but one hope left for America – RETURN to its original pillar and strength, Jesus Christ.

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