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Terror, the U.N., Interpol, and Power!

By David J. Smith
January 9, 2010

Barack Obama, an illegal president, has cast aside the U.S. Constitution like a rag doll, and has imposed his own laws without the consent of We the people or our representatives. He has agreed to allow an international police authority to overrule the U.S. government.

Barack Obama signed an Executive Order giving express permission for Interpol to supersede the laws and police authorities of the U.S.A. (Barry Napier, Wednesday, December 30, 2009).

Some have seen this as heralding loss of sovereignty. The truth is, the U.S.A. already lost sovereignty when it voted for an ineligible, “not natural born citizen,” into the presidency. Before the election, Obama promised to hand over our sovereignty to the U.N. This will occur if the people and congress allow him to carry on implementing his own Executive Orders without the consent of congress or the people!!!

Backtracking just a little, we find a man who predicted the 9/11 bombings in the exact manner in which they happened. He informed the FBI and CIA, but to no avail. He is an undercover agent who has been correct every time over the last ten years. He predicted the Madrid, Spain train bombing, but no one listened. He said the most recent “failed” terrorist plane event would be only the beginning for America. He said that multiple terrorist events will occur at the same time – shopping malls, airport terminals, high-rise buildings, very frequented events, etc.

Will the FBI and CIA listen this time? Doubtful!

Interpol operates with the consent of 188 member countries of the U.N. so far. Its AIM is to combat international crime and seek cross-country police cooperation. This cooperation is subject to the laws of each country. Its constitution prohibits Interpol from being involved in political, military, religious, or racial conflicts. Tell that to the tooth fairy, if there was one!

In 2005, Interpol briefed members of the U.N.’s Security Council Counter Terrorism Committee on its work to combat terrorism AND its “growing cooperation with the U.N. in a range of anti-crime areas.” What is considered to be ‘crime?’ Whatever the U.N. decides it will be!

Interpol has an office in the U.N.’s New York building. The links between Interpol and the U.N. are very strong, if not interwoven. Interpol spokesmen say that it can give “teeth and real impact to Security Council Resolutions.”

According to Interpol’s Article 2, it is looking for “new opportunities” to expand its operations within the U.N. In other words, Interpol is to be the police eyes and ears of the U.N. worldwide. For those who remember your history, doesn’t this sound familiar? They parallel the Soviet KGB operations. Remember, anti-environmentalism is being called ‘terrorism.’

Interpol has a worldwide anti-terrorism network. Obama is nestling up to terrorist organizations and countries. This means that the central theme of ‘terrorism’ will change dramatically under Obama. Obama is planning to make the owning of small firearms illegal, effectively making the U.S. people defenseless, before our government. Interpol will be used to discover and arrest those who own small arms!!!

Another AIM of Interpol is to provide support for U.N. peacekeeping missions. Anyone who has studied these peacekeeping missions knows they are killing sprees, with U.N. troops at the helm, making sure Marxist regimes STAY in power, or gain power! How can Interpol claim neutrality when it assists U.N. troops in murderous ‘peacekeeping?’

This is of prime importance when Interpol says that another area of crime it wishes to obliterate is “Genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity.” While the U.N Charter includes being against genocide, its troops are guilty of war crimes. The U.N. is now saying that anti-green [anti-environmentalist] IS ACTING AGAINST HUMANITY!!!

According to Interpol, “Environmental crime is a serious and growing international problem … it is not limited to criminals polluting the air, water and land and pushing commercially valuable wildlife closer to extinction; it can also include crimes which speed up CLIMATE CHANGE … and exhaust essential natural resources.” What did Interpol say about not being involved in politics?

Very clearly, Interpol is working behind the scenes to identify ‘criminals’ who oppose climate change plans by the U.N.! Can’t you see what is going on? Can’t you see that we are witnessing the creation of a Marxist regime far greater than the Soviets could have dreamed of? It is far greater than the one now existing in China!

Interpol speaks of these ‘crimes’ as being harmful to the economy – blatant political propaganda dressed up in police uniforms!!! What has a police organization got to do with the economy? The economy has to do with politics!

Interpol says organized crime is behind anti-green activities, thus opening the door for international police intervention. America, are you ready for persecution? This author has said for years the U.N. would play a major part in world affairs before Jesus returns to establish His Kingdom!!! They are set and ready!

“When you are IN tribulation, and all these things are come upon you, even in the LATTER DAYS, if you turn to the Lord your God, and shall be OBEDIENT unto His voice; … He will not forsake you, neither destroy you, nor forget the covenant of your fathers which He swore unto them” (Deuteronomy 4: 30-31).

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