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Trends of the Times!

By David J. Smith
January 23, 2010

Jesus Christ is the One and only Savior of this world (Acts 4: 12). He was the backbone of the moral character of the United States at one time. It was so obvious that this nation was founded upon the Foundation of Jesus Christ as the Head of the church that the decision of a lawsuit, Holy Trinity Church vs. the United States, in 1892 stated that we are a Christian nation.

Meanwhile, the world was moving toward the “end” of the age that will signal the return of Jesus as King of kings and Lord of lords. Before Christ returns, He gave us trends telling us the time was getting closer.

One of those trends was to be religious deception or confusion. There were some professing Christian organizations founded by Freemasons. Infiltration into the Christian community was their purpose. Of course, the Illuminati, worshippers of Lucifer or Satan, merged with the highest level of Freemasonry in 1782 at the Congress of Wilmhelmsbad, Germany. It was the Illuminati that also founded communism to be the seen enemy of the free or Christian world.

The Illuminati now had opportunity to undermine our revealed religious truths from the Bible. They introduced evolution into the schools for ministerial training; therefore, undermining the miracles and virgin birth of Jesus in the minds of these would-be ministers.

Then in Los Angeles, members of the occult met with professing Christian ministers and held séances. The fastest growing segment of professing Christianity was birthed. Today, ministers command God to give wealth to individuals who give to their ministry. The Bible teaches that God is sovereign. How can mere man COMMAND a sovereign God to perform any activity? This was addressed in scriptures of the Bible. The whole idea of Lucifer or Satan is to create confusion, so people will throw up their hands and say – “who can you believe?”

While religious and moral decay continues, the Illuminati created a Red military arsenal that overthrew 45 countries for communism. They overthrew colonial governments before self-rule could be established. This could only happen if the United States and Britain joined the communist created United Nations. The United Nations de-colonization program set nations that were not yet ready for self-rule free! The reason: They could be easily overthrown.

With the advent of the Atomic bomb, smuggled documents as to how to build the Atomic bomb made it possible for the “Cold War” to exist! Russia constantly rattled her nuclear teeth to force the West into compromises or ELSE. There was never intended to be a nuclear war, just the threat to “force” America and Britain into World Government to save mankind alive!!!

These were trends prophesied in Revelation 6, the first two horses, white and red.

At a specified time, Russia would pretend to collapse. They would feign weakness and show unheard of concessions – East and West Germany combined again with the Berlin wall coming down. These electrifying overtures would cause the West to let down its military guard against them. We would no longer think they are an enemy.

However, more treachery was on the back burner by communism! China was designated by the Illuminati to become the next economic giant to undermine the U.S. economy. The Illuminati had already set the ground – work to bring China into the world market place, out of isolation, when President Nixon traveled there. With cheap labor and constant pressure to install FREE TRADE, the U.S. could not compete with India, China, and the Third world. The U.S. had laws that protected our manufacturers until communist infiltrators gained control from within. Just as Khrushchev stated: “We will give you small doses of socialism until you wake up one day to have communism.”

Another program of the Illuminati was to make the U.S. dependent upon foreign oil to survive as a world leader. The newly socialized government shut down the richest oil strike in world history on the North slopes of Alaska, especially Prudhoe Bay. Now the U.S. imports over half of its crude oil from the Middle East and Venezuela. The Islamic Middle East has filled its bank accounts with U.S. currency. Now the Illuminati could use Arab oil money to fund their next phase in pressuring for World Government.

Radical Islam believes that everyone in the world that is not a Muslim is an infidel. Infidels must be given one chance to convert to Islam. If not, it is open war to exterminate the infidels off the face of the earth.

Europe has found the results of letting radical Muslims into their country. Britain, Spain, and France have been targeted first for overthrow. The United States has been called by radical Muslims the great Satan, because of our dissipated life style. Of course, we were undermined by communism to create this circumstance of disobedience to God’s Laws. These are trends of the third and fourth horses of Revelation 6.

However, another trend is persecution of Christians. We have international communism created by the Illuminati, and agreements or treaties between Russia and radical Islam. BOTH are persecutors of Christians. Will this be coming to the shores of America more frequently? One man that predicted the 9/11 episode and the Madrid, Spain train bombing has said he has intel that America is to be targeted in multiple locations at once sometime in 2010. Will he be correct? We do know the Bible is correct!!! It is prophesied in Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 the results of our national and personal sins. There must be a lifestyle CHANGE in individuals and the nation alike to avert problems!!!

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