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Dismantling America for World Government

By David J. Smith
May 1, 2010

Starting around 1800-1803 A.D., God poured out His blessings upon Great Britain and the United States – brother nations. The sun never set upon the possessions of the British Empire. The wealth of the empire came pouring into the “Mother” country. Wealth and beauty was everywhere.

The United States had become a nation of its own just years before. There were no taxes upon individuals, thus wealth began to be accumulated. The U.S. also had gold and silver to be unearthed. It possessed coal in abundance. Every natural resource a nation could need and use was to be found on the North American continent.

Cotton became king in the south, while the northern states became industrialized. There were men who were very greedy. They became ruthless in their business dealings and accumulation of wealth. Some became involved with the Order of the Illuminati that was founded in Bavaria, Germany by Dr. Adam Weishaupt.

This ultra-secret Order had other plans for America and the whole world. The Order of the Illuminati was financed by the House of Rothschild of England. They were International Bankers who understood the secrets of money – how it could be used to subjugate a nation!

These bankers would establish central banks in nations, with them in control. As they loaned money to the governments at interest, the governments became under their control as overseers to guarantee payment of the principle and interest. Of course, they never created enough money to pay the interest – only the principle.

The Federal Reserve System in America was illegally hoisted upon the backs of the American people by these conspirators of the Illuminati in late 1913! This was also one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto! A second plank of the Communist Manifesto followed shortly – the graduated income tax. Ever since these two acts were passed illegally into law, the United States has been on the decline.

Everything seemed to be fine for a while – the roaring ‘20s – but the Great Depression of the 1930s was scientifically planned by the Central Bankers. Why? On March 9, 1933 President Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared the nation bankrupt. It went into receivership in the International Bank of Settlements in Switzerland. The bankers now owned the American government. They set out to change America FROM a Republic to a Democracy – the secret word for Socialism/Communism.

Crisis Management took hold. The bankers created a crisis – depression – then the solution – the socialistic New Deal. Big government had now begun, which by-passed the States.

One of the programs of the Illuminati and its FRONT organization, Communism, is to redistribute the wealth away from HAVE countries TO HAVE NOT countries. They wanted to redistribute individual’s wealth, also.

Since the Illuminati’s fomented First World War failed to produce world government, representatives from Britain and the United States founded semi-secret organizations to infiltrate and capture the foreign policy functions of government. In Britain, they became known as the Royal Institute for International Affairs. In America, it became known as the Council on Foreign Relations.

Since the Council on Foreign Relations was invited into the Federal Government as advisers, America has been on the decline. There is a concerted conspiracy underway to dismantle the wealth of the United States and REDISTRIBUTE our manufacturing base to other nations. Over 750 plants have been moved to Mexico; 450 to Communist China; outsourcing of American jobs to India and the Philippines, etc.

The Federal Reserve System has gotten the U.S. into over $44 trillion of debt. There is so much paper money floating around that inflation is inevitable. A house that cost $12,500 in 1962 costs well over $175,000 in 2010. That’s inflation!

Never let anyone tell you that a good economy causes it to overheat and inflation sets in as a result. The ONLY way inflation can occur is for the federal government to borrow money from the Federal Reserve private bankers and put it into circulation. It is the endless over-printing of paper money with nothing of value to back it that causes inflation.

America is being dismantled by the coming collapse of the money system. Jobs will be lost; millions will lose their homes and automobiles!!! The famine of the hearing of the word will begin when no one can support the ministry because of economic ruin!

The Illuminati’s Federal Reserve System of private banking wanted America off the gold standard and have unlimited printing of paper money. Why? Since America no longer has Constitutional money, the Illuminati can spend endless amounts of money to fight foreign wars to establish world government.

Meanwhile, our attention is drawn to the Iraqi war rather than our Southern borders, where millions of illegal aliens are pouring into America. The Illuminati/ Communists said they would use the “soft underbelly” of the U.S. to dismantle and destroy us.

Is this Biblical statement coming true? “The stranger [alien] that is within you shall get up above you very high; and you shall come down very low” (Deuteronomy 28: 48). Our only hope is to turn back to Jesus Christ!

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