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Weekly Thoughts

By David J. Smith
May 8, 2010

The Bible says: “You shall not bear false witness.” President George W. Bush campaigned in 2000 A.D. by saying our troops were spread too thin around the world, and we needed to bring them home. After his election and taking office, four days into his administration, he held a conference and told his advisers to find a way to get into Iraq and overthrow Saddam Hussein – 4 DAYS!

President Bush already had the war planned before taking office. It was just a matter of finding the way to get it started without him getting the blame. Is such a man trustworthy? Of course not! It is like Mr. Bush had established himself as a king or dictator, with Obama coming behind him. Congress, with a few exceptions, did whatever he said or passed whatever he introduced as legislation, with Obama right behind. They were establishing a legislative dictatorship. Apparently, they are not held responsible for any of their actions or deceptions.

9/11 became very convenient to start the Middle East war – first in Iraq, then in Afghanistan. 9/11 became the war cry of the Bush Administration to pass unconstitutional laws that forces Americans to surrender their UNALIENABLE Rights. These Rights were NEVER to be infringed upon, yet President Bush and Obama have stripped Americans of their only protection from tyranny – the Constitution and its unalienable Rights!

By the time President Bush, member of the subversive secret society, Skull & Bones, and Obama finish with America, if allowed to continue, we will see a far different America than we have experienced in the past. Bush followed in his father’s footsteps to create a New World Order. His father announced the hope of a New World Order 210 times while president from 1990 to 1991, during his war.

President George W. Bush pushed the will of the people against a wall. He wanted to let illegal aliens from Mexico and other Central and South American countries remain in the United States, as does Obama. This is depressing wages of the American people by companies using illegals! Of course, this was part of the Plan of International Communism. They would surround the United States as their last step in taking America. They would use the soft underbelly of the U.S. – Mexican border to send millions of infiltrators into America for the right moment. These infiltrators are being taught to kill ten Americans each. Thank you Mr. Bush and Obama!

The Bible tells us that in the last days there would be perilous times. Now do we understand why the One-Worlders want the American public disarmed? If America is disarmed, we could not protect ourselves from the Communist invasion from Mexico.

Mexico’s Presidents, Fox and now Calderon, have made many visits to Cuba and Communist Dictator Fidel Castro. President Bush and Obama want to appease the communists by letting Mexican communist citizens come into our country preparing for the final stand.

The ordinary American citizen can see that something is not right with these actions, but are helpless to do anything about it. Our Congress, that we send to Washington to represent us, are afraid to take a stand against these presidents. So, WE THE PEOPLE no longer have a say in our government. They do as the New World Order controllers want.

The Border Patrol is outraged that President Bush would even think about letting illegals come into our country. They have done their job of keeping illegals out of our country the best they can with the manpower and money they have to use. The Border Patrol Council is opposing its own union – the AFL/CIO – on this issue. The Border Patrol does not want to open this country to destruction by making us a third world economy.

The New World Order people are working their program to perfection. They are sending all of our military out of the country – the opposite of Bush’s statement when running for the presidency. Eventually, they will unleash the millions of illegal aliens to destroy our economy.

Meanwhile, this so called “War on Terrorism” is to bring “democracy” to the Muslim world. This makes the war, democracy vs. Muslim. It does become a religious war – Westernize the Middle East! What if Russia attacked America and enforced “atheism” upon us? Would we like a foreign country attacking us to change our government and religion? Well, this is exactly what is planned, after they use our money and military to overthrow other nations, to change their form of government.

Our 500-page book, The History of God’s People and the Coming New World Order, proves from both Biblical and secular history that the descendents of the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel are the United States and British Commonwealth. These people were to take the message of Jesus around the world. Because of disobedience to the Lord Jesus Christ, it is prophesied that we will be “scattered” (Daniel 12:7). Thankfully, out of this coming GREAT TRIBULATION, many will turn to the only true God.

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