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By David J. Smith
June 26, 2010

Whether the people of the United States believe it or not, there is a Living God! That Living God has set in motion “cause and effect.” What do I mean by this statement?

Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 make the meaning clear. IF we obey this Living God’s laws, statutes, and commandments, we would be the most blessed people on earth. Examples: 1) The nation would have rain in proper proportions to produce crops for our consumption; 2) Our children would be born healthy without defects; 3) If we were invaded by foreign armies, a few of our soldiers would gain the victory over hundreds of the enemy!

IF we disobey this Living God, we would be cursed on every turn – cause and effect! Examples: 1) There would be violent storms with floods or drought; 2) Children would become obsessed with sin and disobey their parents; 3) Husbands and wives would no longer be faithful to each other, rather adultery would become the norm; 4) Communicable diseases would become a curse to the nation; 5) Our military efforts would become futile with loss of life, maiming, and mental instability resulting; 6) the list could go on and on!

America has been undermined spiritually by the International Communist movement’s introduction of the Theory of Evolution. It has led many that have attended public schools and colleges away from God. The students swallowed these lies without question. They have come to believe we are descended from ancient apes and monkeys. The Communists said “give us one or two generations of your children in the public schools without God, and we will have your country.”

Not all parents and children have fallen for this lie; but as a whole, the nation has. Look around at the way people live – even those who claim to be Christian! There are “swingers” who trade husbands or wives with someone else for sexual thrills. Adultery is running rampant in the nation. Premarital sex – fornication is at epidemic proportions among school age children. Babies being born out of wedlock are running rampant!

Homosexuality and lesbianism, two more wrong sex acts, are now shoved in our faces openly. Their agenda is to adopt children and make them homosexuals or lesbians also. These are just two more ungodly sins, as are fornication and adultery.

Church attendance of every denomination has consistently shrunk. Donations are down, and the mission of churches is becoming less effective. Many are turning to materialism. They have chosen worldly pursuits over Godly pursuits. Jesus’ statement to “seek you FIRST the kingdom of God and His righteousness” has all but evaporated out of the minds of churchgoers.


There is coming a worldwide holocaust upon all peoples because of disobedience to God’s Everlasting Covenant (Psalm 105: 6-10; Isaiah 24: 1-6, 18b-20a). The world is being set up right now for this coming time of trouble. If you live in any Communist country, you would realize the trouble has already come there! If you live in a country where Communist rebel forces are killing at will, you would know the trouble has already arrived.

The fury is fast approaching! The world has been turning against Christian America for decades because of enforcing our will upon them. Look what has happened in Iraq. Our presence has turned the “radical” Islamic movement against us more than at the beginning. Six million Islamics, or a high percentage of them, hate America.

The United States is being surrounded by Communists or Socialists, [a milder term for Communism], from Mexico south to the tip of South America. The Mexican government is teaching illegal immigrants how to cross into the U.S. and get identification papers, drivers licenses, social security, and loans without becoming American citizens.

Thousands of Mexican Communists have crossed our border waiting for the signal to retake the Southwestern United States for Mexico. A high school teacher, of Mexican descent in Los Angeles, made a speech on the UCLA campus calling for the defeat of Capitalism and Imperialism – an exact phrase of V.I. Lenin!!! America is asleep!!! They do not understand the physical ramifications of violating God’s spiritual laws. They scoff at the statement: There is cause and effect set in motion in the earth. Obedience to God brings the right effect; disobedience to God brings a negative effect.

Will America ever learn their roots – where they came from and what is expected of them? I doubt it! The fury is fast approaching! Cannot you hear the drums of war from Russia, China, Islam, and the entire Communist world (Ezekiel 38: 1-12)? 

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