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Al Qaeda Is Planning!

By David J. Smith
December 24, 2011

The internal United States has been peaceful since 9/11. People keep wondering when the next strike at our infrastructure that would kill thousands of people would occur. After the initial shock and fear wears off, people become indifferent, or at least seem to be.

One thing the Communist taught Islamic terrorists is to be very patient. Only when the right time comes and the detailed planning has been achieved will they strike at the heart of America.

A former official of the U.S. Government appeared on CNN’s Glen Beck show on April 30, 2007. He stated that Al Qaeda has already set up cells all over America, and the next attack will not be just one building or a group of buildings as the Twin Towers in New York. He said they are planning to take America down from within by setting off suitcase and backpack nuclear weapons.

Al Qaeda wants to blow-up the oil refineries in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, so the price of gasoline in America would go to $14 a gallon and shut down the nation economically. It is called depression! Saudi Arabia recently foiled a plot to blow-up oil wells. America survived a little longer.

Americans are already being lulled to sleep, but the stock market is headed down. Economists for the Obama Administration will point to a recovery in the stock market as a sign of a thriving economy. However, the Obama Administration is once again trying to deceive the American people by reclassifying people who work for McDonald’s hamburgers as manufacturers. By making everyone work as fast-food manufacturers, he can claim the economy is doing great. After all, look how many new manufacturing jobs have been created.

More average Americans are having their homes repossessed, and the automobile has become just as important as their house. WHY? They are sleeping in them instead of the streets.

America is being deceived into believing there is no Al Qaeda threat any more, the economy is doing great, and Americans are better off than they have ever been. The last generation was better off than the previous one; however, the present one will not have a higher living standard than the one before it. America is on the decline for a reason. There is a conspiracy at work for a world government.

Those working this plan wrote on August 15, 1871 that they must foment three world wars and many revolutionary wars. In order to produce revolutionary wars, they needed a base of operation – Russia. Russian communism is only a front organization for the real power brokers – International Bankers that have no loyalty to any nation.

Behind the scenes in secret, they would gain control of prominent nations to use them to fight their world wars. In the above-mentioned writing by Albert Pike of Little Rock, Arkansas, who was the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish-Rite of Freemasonry, he outlined for Guissepi Mazzini, head of the revolutionary arm of the Illuminati, his plan to start these three world wars.

The first World War was fomented to destroy Czarist Russia and place that vast territory under the control of the secret Order of the Illuminati – worshipers of Lucifer or Satan. The second World War was started to manipulate the differences between Political Zionist and the German Nationalists. This would lead to the expansion of Russian power and the creation of the state of Israel in Palestine in the heart of the Islamic Arab world. The third World War was to stir up the differences between the state of Israel and the Arab radical Muslims.

The Russian revolution and all wars have been financed by International Bankers who are the top Illuminists.

World War III has already begun. The peoples of the world just do not know it yet. The final war was to eventually pull the United States and the Western world of so-called Christianity into a war with Communism. Both were to be destroyed and they would elevate their man into the ranks of the gods – Apotheosis.

Al Qaeda is nothing but a TOOL in the hands of worshipers of Lucifer – Satan. They and other radical Jihadists have allied themselves with Russia and China for military equipment and training. Little do they know they are being used for the Illuminati’s goals!

Notice a little understood scripture: “… You shall burn with fire a third part in the midst of the city, WHEN the days of the siege are fulfilled: …” (Ezekiel 5: 1-5). This whole book was written to the Lost Tribes of Israel in 586 B.C. The siege is for the leader of the Ten Lost Tribes. Jerusalem is a type. The United States is at risk right now as that leader!!!

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