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Deception Is in the Air!

By David J. Smith
February 18, 2012

It seems that deception in politics never stops. Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum have a past in politics that they are trying their best to hide. They do not want the American people to realize they are all “big government” candidates. Some even voted for the same legislation that Obama has! They, in a nutshell, are one-worlders.

The only exception is Rep. Dr. Ron Paul. He is a Christian the best he knows how. He is 100% for the Constitution as our original Law of the land, and it should still be. He is the only non-deceiver in the Republican race for the presidency.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama is the only candidate of the Democratic ticket. He hopes to have $2 billion to run his campaign after the Democratic and Republican conventions to select who will run on each part’s ticket. He needs four more years to solidify his Socialistic hold over America. He and most Democrats with some Republicans are working hard at implementing V.I. Lenin and Karl Marx socialistic programs upon America. The communists even say to use deception to get what they want!!!

The media uses deception to black out what they do not want we, the people, to know is happening in our country. Those who have bought out and own the mass media want socialism! They just want it gradually, not by armed warfare. They are working Saul Alinsky’s program of gradualism. They realized long ago that a frontal military attack on America would not work, so they settled on infiltration and gradualism. It’s still deception to say one thing and be another.

Revelation 12:9 tells who the great deceiver is – Satan, that old serpent, called the Devil. He’s also referred to as the great red dragon. He has permission from God to carry-on his tricks against humanity. He was a liar from the beginning and remains so today. Just how far will he go to deceive? Will he use methods that are not political? Would he use people’s sickness to get to them as he did with Job? OR would he pretend to “heal” people in a strange way?

What about New Age medicine: known as Homeopathy? None of us would go to a witch-doctor to cure a physical ailment, would we? Should a Christian seek help from someone who practices occult medicine, using demonic powers for healing? There are professing Christians who have gone to a psychic who is demon possessed for healing. The psychic sometimes reads the Bible and prays with the person. The psychic is conjuring up demons to do the healing, while the innocent victim does not know that.

Homeopathy was developed by a German mystic physician named Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann. He lived from 1755 until 1843. He was a Freemason and adopted their mysticism and occultic practices, wrote a book called Organon, which became like a bible to the homeopathy doctor. He also followed a man named Swedenborg. He joined a mixture of mysticism, the occult and Christianity. He wanted to arrive at the truth, so he communicated with the spirit world. He taught his followers HOW to enter into a state of “consciousness” that would put them in touch with spirit entities – DEMONS!!! He claimed they were “good spirits,” but we know them as demons.

Hahnemann also studied teachings of a Swiss occultic medical philosopher named Paracelsus. Paracelsus developed a medical philosophy that combined the esoteric occult teachings of the Cabala [Jewish occultism] with the facts and fancies of science. His “medical” philosophy was occult oriented!!! He rejected Jesus and accepted Confucius.

It all boiled down to Hahnemann’s belief in a vital force. He believed in pantheism – God is in rocks, grass, trees, animals, and people. He believed in a “spiritual influx” from the “invisible world.” This was the spiritual world of the occult – demons. Some homeopathy doctors use the signs of the zodiac, astrology and acupuncture. Some have séances to seek healing from spirits. Christians: know those from whom you seek for help!!!

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