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Do We Care?

By David J. Smith
February 25, 2012

After 14 years of studying my Bible, from 1966-80, a Bible appeared before my eyes as a vision. It stayed before my eyes during May and June of 1980 until I laid the manuscript for Newswatch Magazine on a printer’s desk. The Bible disappeared. I never saw it again. We started on the smallest radio station in St. Louis. Then we went on KAAY radio out of Little Rock, Arkansas at night. It covered 27 states. We continued growing until a couple of ministers made mistakes in the latter ‘80s. The ‘90s saw a strong rebound, and we began to experiment with television.

WWL radio out of New Orleans was our most powerful and successful station, until they changed their format to sports. A month before we went off WWL, we started on TV – DirecTV channel 367. We air at Midnight EST, 11PM Central, 10PM Mountain, and 9PM Pacific Time on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday nights.

On Mother’s Day 1993, I drove my wife and mother-in-law to Texas to see her grand and great-grand children. After driving all night, we got about 3 hours sleep and started sight-seeing. Finally, we went to the Stockyards in Fort Worth. I grew tired of sight-seeing and went back to my mini-van. I was sitting there just thinking when it felt like someone pushed the back of my seat. No one was in the vehicle but me. Suddenly, a very authoritative voice in my mind said: “Get out of Missouri and move to Texas.” I was stunned, but I remembered the vision of the Bible in 1980. When everyone came back, I told them we were moving to Texas. On the way back to Missouri, two words kept running through my mind – “the gathering.” Harold Dickson, now deceased, called and told me about a caller on a shortwave radio talk show that said: “My servant David J. will lead and ingathering of saints from a Western state.” I verified this with the radio host.

We started making preparations immediately for the move. One miracle after another got us to Texas and into our home. I, for one, have never forgotten that God and Jesus Christ brought us to Texas. We must further the job of witnessing to and warning this nation of its impending collapse because of its sins. We must also offer hope when the tribulation hits the hardest.

There will be persecution for religious beliefs and then Revelation 7-8. Could religious persecution come from both the federal government and radical Islam? Obama has set in motion confrontation between the Catholic Church and our federal government. It will spread to all religious organizations that are pro-life, etc.

The question was: Do we care about why God called us and the job we have been given? Maybe it only seems to me that some don’t care! But as for me, I will march onward the best I can to accomplish the task set before “the ingathering.” God called me to lead it. I can’t apologize for God calling me, but I can accept that calling and ask you to make sure you are a believer in it.

Satan the Devil has thrown out stumbling-block after stumbling-block to snare our people. It has worked on some, but others have survived those stumbling-blocks. Some people are like solid granite in holding to the truth, while others are not so solid.

God wants us to turn to Him with all our minds, never seeking our own way if it conflicts with His Law. He wants us to be firm as Able, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, King David, Elijah, Elisha, and all the prophets. He wants us to fulfill our job as Paul did, or Peter and the 12 Apostles. He wants us to fulfill our job as Joseph of Arimathea did, Lazarus and the women, Mary and Martha, and the mother of Jesus – Mary.

God raised up leaders throughout the dark ages to keep the truth alive. He was the power behind these men and women! Jesus said His church would never die out. He would always lift up someone to keep His truth in the earth. He has done it and IS doing it today. Jesus will not fail in the work that has been set forth for Him by the Father. Since He is the Head of the church, He will not fail when He calls someone to lead a part of His church to accomplish a certain task.

Jesus said: “… All power is given unto Me in heaven and in earth. Go … and teach all nations, baptizing them … Teaching them to observe whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I AM WITH YOU ALWAY, even UNTO THE END OF THE WORLD” (Matthew 28: 18b-20). Do we believe and care to do the best we can with what we have to do with?

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