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Lone Star State of Mind!!!

By David J. Smith
April 14, 2012

Today, the Texas capitol flies both the American and Texas flags, but after Texas independence the Lone Star flag would fly on its own.

It’s a popular idea in Texas that the Lone Star State, once an independent republic, could break away and go it alone. A few years ago, Texas Gov. Rick Perry hinted that if Washington didn’t stop meddling in his state, independence might be the option. In his brief run for the White House, he insisted that nearly anything the feds do, the states – and Texas in particular – could do better.

However, communist in Congress are bent on destroying America through Marxist “transformation” of everything our great Republic stands for – freedom, justice AND capitalism. If you still believe in our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the rule of law, and American sovereignty, there will be GREAT problems if Obama is put back into the White House, or Romney.

Back in October 2009, the Socialist Party of America made the shocking announcement that 70 Congressional ‘Democrats’ belonged to their anti-Constitution, anti-capitalist caucus.

Now in “Obamaville” under the guise of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, these powerful socialists are methodically working to transform our Republic into the pipedream of Marx’s “workers’ paradise.” Barack Hussein Obama’s Big Brother global state is the ideal, where government tyranny runs over every aspect of our lives.

Barack Hussein Obama is leading this ANTI-AMERICAN REVOLUTION AS SPOKESMAN-IN-CHIEF, touting racial and class warfare at every turn. Obama speaks the same Marxist language as the Occupiers, just as he shares their belief in confiscating and redistributing wealth FROM those willing to work to those hardly willing to work.

We are up against a lie-and-smear machine like no other in American history. Obama’s faction is using every presidential power appropriated by him, through Black Panther intimidation tactics and false voter registrations by ACORN, to abusive IRS tactics deployed against the Tea Party and Department of Homeland Security jackboots dossier-building against veterans and pro-lifers. Obama recently renewed funding for the “disgraced and defunded” ACORN. Obama and Eric Holder’s Department of [in] Justice gave the New Black Panthers a pass on prison time for violent intimidation, so now the Panthers have the all-clear to intimidate at a voting booth near you!!!

Too many in the Executive Branch are complicit in our national fiscal crisis and Constitutional peril, with committed COMMUNISTS in CONGRESS. Instead of cleaning their own stable of corruption and influence peddling, they are turning the apparatus of Big Brother government on We the People. If Communist Obama was reelected for another four years and the communists are not voted out, what would be the only option for Texas, which gave birth as a nation of its own???

If Texas Rejected Obama and His Communist Friends

Texas would be advertised as a whole other country, a free-market nation. Imagine:

  1. Airports without the Transportation Security Administration.
  2. Gun sales without the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
  3. Land development without the Endangered Species Act.
  4. New congressional districts without the Voting Rights Act.
  5. A new guest-worker program without Washington gridlock over immigration reform.
  6. New immigration laws would sail through the Texas Congress. Immigrant workers could now legally cross the border to frame houses, mow lawns and clean hotel rooms.
  7. Texas would be a leaner government that left the socialist full-service nation behind.
  8. Texas would be charged with defense and education.
  9. Each person would become a productive member of society except those too old or disabled.
  10. Low wage Texas would become a magnet for assembly plants that might have gone to Mexico.
  11. The list could go on and on. Would the U.S. allow it? If not, Texas would need the REAL God of the Bible to intervene. The question is: Could Texas go it alone? The answer is: Not without God the Father and Jesus Christ being on our side!

Jesus said: All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth (Matthew 28:18)

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