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Obama and His Executive Orders

By David J. Smith
May 19, 2012

On May 1st, Obama signed a new Executive Order which opens the door for the United States to GIVE UP economic and environmental sovereignty through the promotion of a single international regulatory system. But why sign it on May 1st? The ultra secret Order of the Illuminati was founded on May 1st, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt of Bavaria, Germany. The secret Order then founded communism to become the unseen enemy of the Western world of Christianity. Obama just signed the Executive Order to continue the destruction of America!

This regulatory system would seek to globally streamline cooperation between nations for trade, environmental, and legislative processes on the international stage.

Section 1. Policy. Executive Order 13563 of January 18, 2011 (Improving Regulation and Regulatory Review), states that our regulatory system must protect public health, welfare, safety, and our environment while promoting economic growth, innovation, competitiveness, and job creation. In an increasingly global economy, international regulatory cooperation, consistent with domestic law and prerogatives and U.S. trade policy, can be an important means of promoting the goals of Executive Order 13563.

While the need for economic corporation between nations and trading partners is crucial, these agreements are normally made between governments through individual trade agreements, and NOT by a globally designed regulatory body. Already countries are giving up their sovereignty through such agreements like Agenda 21, which places terrible impacts on U.S. land owners to use their property as they see fit.

The goal of many global leaders and central banks is the facilitation of a SINGLE ECONOMIC SYSTEM, where financial and economic decisions are made from a single body. The formation of the G-20,as well as annual meetings by economic leaders in Davos, Switzerland, promote and create policies that BIND nations to trade and regulatory processes WITHOUT acceptance by legislative representatives.

Obama has been actively signing several Executive Orders over the past two months, many of which imply or allow the Federal government to take control over private property, and the unlawful use of that property, with little recourse of due process for businesses and land owners. In March, Obama signed an unnumbered Executive Order which provides the Federal government the power to confiscate land, infrastructure, and human resources in both peacetime, and during a declared crisis. One month later, Obama issued an additional Executive Order which allows the government to nationalize, and take control of ALL NATURAL GAS resources.

Every day, more and more economic sovereignty is being signed away by the Obama Administration, with the INTENTION of facilitating a new global economic system (Revelation 13:16-18) whereby the American people and American businesses NO LONGER have the right of due process in the U.S. legal system, but instead are bound under international law and regulation. THIS NEW EXECUTIVE ORDER SIGNED BY OBAMA ON MAY 1st IS ANOTHER MOVE TOWARDS GLOBAL GOVERNANCE, AND THE LOSS OF ECONOMIC SOVEREIGNTY FOR THE CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES.

But that is not all Obama is up to! It’s like a scene out of the movie Red Dawn, Russian paratroopers will be training on U.S. soil for the next month or so (May 24-31). This comes in wake of recent sightings of military equipment, troops, and more. The drills are to be conducted in Colorado and revolve around terrorist camp raids and MARTIAL LAW type scenarios.

A Business Insider excerpt reads:

Russian paratroopers will meet up with American forces next month [May 2012] for an unprecedented military exercise in Colorado, according to RT News. It’s the first time Russian service members will be invited into the United States for a joint drill.

A Russian airborne task force will ‘exercise with U.S. special service weapons,’ an announcement by Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson Col. Aleksandr Kucherenko revealed. The official purpose of the joint training is to practice airborne tactics and anti-terror operations, such as dropping into a hostile area and conducting a ‘terrorist camp raid.’ Soldiers of the two countries will hold a tactical operation, including reconnaissance of an imaginary terrorists’ camp and a raid,” said Kucherenko.

It’s worth noting the Russians will have access to U.S. military weapons training at the Army’s Fort Carson – “Home of America’s Best” – ahead of the scheduled May 24-31 drills. … This announcement comes at a time when Russia actually has troops working in cooperation with CHINA!!!

An RT excerpt reads: “For the first time in history, Russian and American airborne forces will hold joint drills in the U.S. The anti-terror exercises scheduled for May 2012 will get off to a flying start with a tactical landing operation and ‘terrorist’ camp raid.” Obama loves us???

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