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Evolution – Wrong!

By David J. Smith
July 14, 2012

The theory of evolution is based upon many well placed assumptions. This theory, which means we guess, is the underpinning of Communism. If the Communists can make us believe we are but animals and the survival of the fittest is the key to life, they can kill anyone they determine unfit to survive.

This theory can be smashed with one simple law. First, the theory presumes that man came from “soup,” with one cell developing through spontaneous generation. Life just came into existence “out of nothing.” This theory teaches that man is gradually over eons of time moving upward and getting better. However, there are undisputable Laws of thermodynamics, when understood, that smashes the Theory of Evolution into a million little pieces. Then we have to look elsewhere for the real source of life!

The two Laws of Thermodynamics stated: 1) the first Law is energy conservation. Energy can be converted from one form to another, yet the total amount of energy remains unchanged. Energy is neither being created nor destroyed at the present time. 2) the second is the Law of decay. It affirms that although the total amount of energy remains unchanged, there is always a tendency for it to become less available for useful work. There is a universal tendency toward DECAY and deterioration, a transition from a more orderly state, to a less orderly state, finally to degenerate. In other words, the earth is running down.

Notice the opposite of an absolute Law of Thermodynamics that has been proven and the Theory of Evolution that cannot be proven. Evolution says we are evolving upward to a better condition. The second absolute Law of Thermodynamics proves we are decaying – not evolving to a better state.

The Theory of Evolution implies increasing organization and complexity in the universe and is in effect a doctrine of continuous creation. The first Law of Thermodynamics affirms that creation is no longer occurring, while the second Law states that the original creation is decreasing in organization and complexity.

Either Law of Thermodynamics smashes the Theory of Evolution into those millions of pieces.

Physical evidence all over the world reveals a great flood in the past that destroyed a “golden era” of great achievements. Genesis 6-9 in the Bible tells us but scanty portions that caused this great flood by the Creator of mankind. They were so advanced that “gene splicing” was commonplace. They performed brain surgery that makes modern man’s efforts look like kindergarten play.

The floodgates of heaven were opened. The underground oceans were broken up. The horrific forces of violence were unleashed upon that “golden age” that became so evil and degenerate. Large landmasses with their advanced populations slipped into the sea. The surface of the entire globe became as a giant caldron, in which continents and seas churned up together.

There were screaming hurricanes, tidal waves pushing 6,000 feet high swept toward the poles. A blanket of lava and asphyxiating gases extinguished all life except a ship with eight people and animals that was sealed tightly to protect its inhabitants from the elements.

Not only were the antediluvian people buried, but their advanced technological achievements were also buried and destroyed, including all form of machinery and construction. In most areas of dense population they were submerged by the sea and buried under thousands of feet of debris. It has been scientifically estimated that over 75 percent of the earth’s surface is sedimentary in nature extending in many areas to 60,000 feet deep.

There are some 600 individual Flood traditions in various nations that concur on ALL essential points of the Genesis account. Very remarkable is the persistence of that Biblical name Noah around the world in most cultures today. This is very remarkable considering the multitude of language differences.

Yet the name survived virtually unchanged in such isolated places as Hawaii (called Nu-u), the Sudan (called Nuh), China (called Nu-Wah), the Amazon South America region (called Noa), and among the Hottentots (called Noh and Hiagnoh).

Did each of these nations independently concoct the same name for its flood-surviving ancestor? Or did these widely separated peoples refer back to the same family of survivors? Were these tragedies an example of gradually getting better or decay? Going from a “golden age” of advanced technology to a depopulated world does not seem to fit with Darwin’s Theory of Evolution!

It is an archeological fact that within four hundred years after this great flood that destroyed a previous “golden age” of technological advancement that there SUDDENLY APPEARED civilization worldwide. Egypt about 3,000 B.C. sprang into existence suddenly – FULLY DEVELOPED! It suddenly emerged from a primitive state to a fantastic ready-made high society. How? Suddenly great cities, enormous temples, pyramids of overwhelming size, colossal statues, luxurious tunnels, and tombs emerged. There were splendid streets lined with magnificent sculptures and perfect drainage systems. They used the decimal system from the start! How? They had ready-made writing with a perfect language. How – if gradualism were true? Egypt had a well-established naming system using as many as five names per person [Pharaoh]. This was true all over the world from India and China to Central America and Europe! How did it just suddenly come into being? The truth about our past is stranger than fiction, but nevertheless true. These civilizations that suddenly came on the scene about 400 years after the flood knew how to organize armies, civil service, and had a well-organized hierarchy. They had a court system with a well-defined precedence of laws and form.

Egypt and other far-flung civilizations were very advanced. They did not gradually develop over eons of time. It was sudden! It was not just Egypt.

The appearance around 3,000 B.C. of Sumerian civilization was SUDDEN, unexpected, and came out of nowhere. The Maya of Central America dates back to the approximate time of both Egypt and Sumer. At the beginning of the Mayan culture, their writing and money system was perfect. No evolution there!!!

At precisely the same time, there came along the megalith builders of northwest Europe. How did the world become so advanced so quickly? Noah, his three sons, and their wives brought with them knowledge from the other side of the flood. That civilization had first God-given knowledge, later the “fallen” angels corrupted much of that knowledge for evil purposes.

Noah walked with God; therefore, he would use this advanced knowledge only for good. As the waters receded and the population grew, it was time to spread out again over the face of the whole earth. Where did the people go and was it before the scattering of the people at the Tower of Babel?

Very ancient maps were used by mapmakers in the period of 1502-1532 A.D. to provide maps for sailors in their navigation of the seas. These maps showed the United States, Canada, the land at the poles, and EVERY continent and Island on earth. They showed the mountain ranges on every continent. Some of these mountains were not discovered until the 1980s when satellite pictures unveiled them.

For instance, the Zeno map drawn in 1380 A.D., accurately showed the coastlines of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Scotland, as well as the exact latitude and longitude of a certain number of islands. The chronometer necessary to determine longitude was not invented until 1765. Were they advanced in an olden time that has gone into a lost history? Columbus did not have a chronometer is why his directions were inaccurate. The Zeno map showed the topography of Greenland FREE of glaciers as it was prior to the ice age. The ice age must not have been millions of years ago after all. Unknown rivers and mountains shown on this Zeno map have been located by French Polar Expeditions of 1947-1949.

A Chinese map on stone from 1137 A.D. showed the earth to be a sphere – not flat! The Camerio map of 1502 revealed the earth to be a sphere – round – not flat!

The Zauche map of 1737 A.D. shows the Antarctica’s existence FREE of ice! Antarctica’s existence was not verified until 1819! How did these ancient maps know? Then the Mercator chart of 1569 A.D. depicts only the Antarctic coast left uncovered by glaciers. Ice had begun to overtake the continent in the later map.

These maps are a scientific achievement far surpassing the abilities of the navigators and mapmakers of the Renaissance, Middle Ages, the Arab world, or any ancient geographers. They were the product of an unknown people that lived before modern recognized history.

The Hadji Ahmed map, copied from ancient maps in 1559 A.D., shows Antarctica and the Pacific coast of the United States of America with extreme accuracy. It also depicts the land bridge that once existed between Siberia and Alaska.

The Hamy King chart (1502) indicates northern Siberian rivers emptying into the Arctic Ocean, but they are now under ice. The map even shows an ancient Suez Canal, only a different name!

The Gloreanus map (1510) shows the exact line of the Atlantic coast of America from Canada to Tierra del Fuego along with the whole length of the Pacific coast.

The King Jaime World Chart (1502) shows the Sahara Desert as a fertile land with large lakes, rivers, and cities. That was a long time ago.

A famous map, Piri Reis chart of 1513, was discovered. The U.S. Hydrographic Office was asked to examine it. The U.S. Navy, through a Commander Larsen, issued this statement: “The Hydrographic Office of the Navy has verified an ancient chart – it’s called the Piri Reis map, that goes back more than 5,000 years. It’s so accurate, only one thing could explain it – A WORLDWIDE SURVEY. The Hydrographic Office couldn’t believe it, either, at first. But they not only proved the map genuine, it’s been used to correct errors in some present-day maps.”

A WORLDWIDE SURVEY! Clearly it came from an advanced ancient technology, and its grid system is similar to air navigation maps today!!! This is evidence of science in an early epoch, where evolution disallows it. But this super-knowledge has disappeared.

How did the people of India, in Vishnu Purana, know of the White Cliffs of Britain? WHO conducted this worldwide survey?

During the period of 2800-2500 B.C. Peleg lived (Genesis 10: 25). In Peleg’s day the earth was divided – split or surveyed! Mizraim (Genesis 10: 6) is credited with founding Egypt. His name means to delineate, to draw up a plan, to make a representation [of the earth – map]. At least two old maps linked with the ancient past, the Piri Reis and Reinal, were based on a circular projection with the focal point in Egypt.

All of these factors prove the opposite of evolution. The earth came into being with great technology and has gone mostly into decay. Evolution says we are moving upward. What a deceptive lie of Satan to cause people to lose contact with their Maker.

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