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The Ingathering!

By David J. Smith
October 27, 2012

In the late 1960s and ‘70s, I ran my own advertising business. It was very successful. In 1966 God had called me into the church that I thought was the closet to the truth than any other. Since I was self-employed, many days I studied the Bible 8-14 hours a day. I studied to “show myself approved” to God.

Suddenly, in April-May of 1980, an open Bible appeared before my eyes. It stayed there night and day until June 23 when I laid down the manuscript on a printer’s desk to start Newswatch Magazine! Newswatch spread by word of mouth to readers in 13 states in three months. By six months, it was being read in 36 states. We went on our first radio station, a fifteen minute program. Bible prophecy seemed to be what people wanted to hear about. We then went on 50,000 watt KAAY at night. It covered 27 states. We went on more as money allowed.

We can be heard on WWL 870 on the am dial at 11pm on Saturday night when not pre-emptied for LSU football. After February 5, 2013, we will be heard with no interruptions.

The ministry grew by donations from our listening audience. We began a local church meeting also. As time raced by you could have heard our program at least three times a night. In the Midwest, a few of those stations were KAAY, WWL, and WOAI from San Antonio, Texas. On May 10, 1993, something happened!!!

The Ingathering

My wife and I took my mother-in-law to Texas to visit her other daughter, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. As we left Missouri and entered Oklahoma, it began to rain so hard we were now driving at 35 miles an hour. As we crossed the Red River into Texas, it stopped raining. Not a drop had fallen in Texas. We didn’t understand this until later the next day. We got three hours sleep and was up and running. We went to the Stock Yards in Fort Worth. I went back to our vehicle after a few minutes. As I sat there meditating, suddenly it felt like a hand pushed my seat. I looked and no one was there. When I turned to the front again, inside my mind I heard: Get out of Missouri and move to Texas”. It was a very powerful voice. Finally, the others came back and I told them we were moving to Texas. Everyone was puzzled until I told them what happened. We made the move. We sold our house in Missouri. We set up the office in two days and were working.

As we drove back to Missouri, after our visit, I kept hearing THE GATHERING run through my mind. After I announced the move, six different people had a vision of an earthquake along the New Madrid fault line. That is basically the Mississippi River. We took that to mean that we should get out of St. Louis quickly. However, many times God sends a message and it does not happen at that moment, but it may be fulfilled years later. We told about the bar codes on packaging, which happened in earnest years later, and they are here! We told about the Genocide Convention Treaty to the United Nations. Now, in every state we have the Hate Crimes laws that are based upon that treaty. It just took time.

Nothing seemingly has happened on the New Madrid fault line. But there is a conspiracy to use the New Madrid fault line to kill off millions of people when they finish with their devilish work. British Petroleum was to clean up the oil spill, but they are in the process of doing something else. They are using a deadly chemical that gets into the fish, the air, and EVERY human being living in the New Orleans area. Remember the Alaskan ship, Valdez that spilled oil? They used the same chemical and EVERY one on the ship and the cleanup are dead!!!

What does this have to do with the New Madrid fault line? The chemical being used sinks the oil underground and creates huge pockets of methane gas. When these explode, the New Madrid will go off. It is too bad some have become unbelievers!!!

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