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States Had the Right to Tell the UN to Get Out!!!

By David J. Smith
November 24, 2012

For decades you’ve probably seen the bumper sticker and signs: “Get the US out of the UN.” Within the conservative movement, the United Nations has been a sore spot. We pay millions of dollars, billions if you count foreign aid, to nations that despise us and vote against us every chance they get.

Few people paid attention to the bumper stickers, until now. Although there isn’t a groundswell of sentiment to get the United States out of the United Nations, state governments are telling the organization to “get out of our state.”

It seems that the United Nations has been given access to polling stations. Voting in some areas had numerous restrictions. Some couldn’t use their cell phone or any electronic device. Some had to fill out a form giving their driver’s license number, home address, and identification, and that was alright.

We had nosy UN observers pushing their way into our elections. If they were so concerned about our election process, then where were they in 2008 when Black Panthers intimidated anti-Obama voters at a polling station outside of Philadelphia?

State officials in Iowa and Texas blocked UN access to their polling process even though the program has been going on for at least two decades. Can you imagine the UN and the liberal groups sponsoring the UN “observers” were kicked out? “We will of course comply,” said Thomas Rymer, a spokesman for the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, told POLITICO. We should be thrilled that these two states stood up to the United Nations and our own Federal government. The states have every right to guard their jurisdictional rights. It’s written in the Constitution. It’s called the Tenth Amendment which reads:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, not prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States, or to the people.”

In addition to the limited number of powers found in the body of the Constitution, the states insisted on an added Bill of Rights that included the Tenth Amendment that extended the LIMITED authority of the Federal government over the states. If our own national government was so limited, then you and I are assured that the United Nations has no power in the United States. It would take an amendment to give it such power. James J. Kilpatrick was correct when he wrote: “And so long as the Tenth Amendment remains a part of the Constitution, it is elementary that it must be given FULL meaning – that the intention of its framers must be acknowledged and respected. Plainly, the intention of the Tenth Amendment was to restrict the Federal government – to hold it within the strict boundaries of the delegated powers.”

It’s encouraging to read that in 2008 “OSCE election observers were turned away from polling stations in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Ohio and Texas. Their poll watchers also had difficulties in counties in Colorado, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and Virginia.”

It is good that the UN poll observers were turned away. The UN had its founding after World War II. World War I was fought to establish the League of Nations, which failed when the U.S. refused to become entangled within it. Alger Hiss, a convicted Communist, along with a Russian/American Communist wrote the Charter of the United Nations. It reads like the former Soviet Union’s Charter for its country.

By agreement, Russia would always have the head of the UN’s military. Those old enough to remember, do we understand why the U.S. could not win the Korean War? All movements had to be approved by the head of the UN’s military – always to be a Communist!!! Why would our Federal government agree with Russia in allowing a Communist to run the UN military? It tells us in which direction we are heading and have been since the 1950s.

That’s why we now have a Socialist in the White House right now!!! Every action he takes is Socialistic. One of the Communist dictators used the terms Communist and Socialist interchangeably. They are BOTH THE SAME. One tries to force their system upon another nation while the other infiltrates in secret to overthrow a nation. This is exactly what has happened to America, and people are waking up. That’s why ALL 50 states have had petitions or redress of grievances to leave the Union peacefully. Obama will say no or ignore these redresses. Texas is leading the way with well over 100,000 votes.

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