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Weekly Editorial – December 15, 2012

By David J. Smith
December 15, 2012

We have proven in the past that the United Nations was founded by Communists and can only bring about a Communist style one-world-government. Its Charter was designed by Alger Hiss [convicted of being a secret Communist agent] and a Russian Communist. The Charter was designed to allow for an attack upon our Constitution. It will destroy ALL of our fundamental Rights guaranteed in the Constitution to all Americans.

Traitors within our federal government have twisted Treaty Law to brainwash people into believing that treaties supercede the Constitution and cannot be rescinded. However, both of these statements are false.

One such Treaty that will soon be presented to the Senate for a vote for ratification is the Law of the Sea Treaty. If this Treaty were to pass, the United Nations would control 70% of the Earth’s surface. The United States would lose her national sovereignty, which she is a long way down the road already. The following would be possibilities:

  1. Our Navy will need permission from the U.N. to chase terrorists and use the seas for military operations.

  2. Our fishing industry would need permission from the U.N. to fish. They could be refused permission over environmental concerns.

  3. Our oil companies will need U.N. permission to drill for oil in the seas.

  4. Permission will need to be granted by the U.N. to mine the seas for minerals.

All of these and many other areas would be under the control of the U.N. that is designed to destroy our national sovereignty. Freedom of the seas will disappear. After 70% of the Earth comes under U.N. control, they will go after the remaining 30%, the land. TOTAL WORLD GOVERNMENT – THAT IS WHAT IS AT STAKE!!! Why can’t our Senators and Representatives understand what is at stake?

This Law of the Sea Treaty gives the United Nations control of the seas AND sets up a powerful International Seabed Authority. This Seabed Authority will control:

  1. Mining, drilling and fishing in the seas.

  2. It will have its own court system.

  3. It will have its own police force.

  4. It will be a regulatory agency, police force and court system all in one.

  5. This will all be under the control of non-elected U.N. bureaucrats.

  6. It will give the U.N. the ability to impose and collect international taxes on mining and drilling.

Former President Ronald Reagan and Senator Jesse Helms said the Law of the Sea Treaty is bad for America. Yet now, the Senate is considering it. Once the U.N. collects a single dime of tax dollars from anyone, the door will be wide open for all the Marxist redistribution of the wealth tax programs they desire. Of course, the Marxist axiom is to take “from those who have and give to those who have not.”

Only governments have the power to tax! The U.N. is not a government – YET! If it receives the power to tax, it will become a government – and not friendly to the United States. Out of the 191 member U.N. nations, less than fifty have what is termed democratic governments. Probably less than ten have Constitutional Republics. That means a minimum of 141 U.N. member nations are dictatorships or run by terrorists, or are Communists and Socialists. Three-fourths of the U.N. membership hates America and wants to see us destroyed. WHY CAN’T OUR ELECTED LEADERS REALIZE THIS FACT AND REVOKE OUR MEMBERSHIP AND GET THE U.N. OUT OF OUR COUNTRY?

Look at the following statements and ask yourself a few questions. 1) The United Nations has a mounted persistent campaign to promote a Global Tax on America to “redistribute” the wealth FROM the U.S. to poorer nations. Do you favor or oppose a Global Tax on American taxpayers? 2) The U.N. International Conference on Financing and Development held in Mexico in March 2002 explicitly called for the creation of an International Tax Organization. Do you favor or oppose this? 3) Many experts, and an increasing number of Americans, believe the U.N. has shifted away from its announced purpose of “peace keeping.” Instead it has gathered nations to blame America for all the world’s problems. Do you agree or disagree? 4) Other experts believe the U.N. is now driven by Anti-Americanism and hardcore socialists who can barely contain their hatred of everything we stand for – limited government, individual freedom, private property, freedom of religion, speech and assembly, the right to own a gun, etc. Do you agree or disagree? 5) America sends billions of foreign aid tax dollars overseas every year. Our citizens are the most generous people in the world and also send billions to overseas charities. America funds fully 22% of the U.N.’s budget, but has no more votes than those who fund little. Yet, when we’re in need, most often, the U.N. refuses to help us and continues to push their “global” socialist economic agenda upon us. Considering all of this, do you think the U.S. should pull out of the U.N.?

Is the U.N. a trap to punish America for its national sins against God? Time will surely tell!

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