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Not Ashamed of the Gospel!

By David J. Smith
January 26, 2013

Barack Obama was sworn in for his second term on Monday, January 21, 2013. I have said on many occasions that he is a Muslim!!! He is a secret Mason working for world government.

He was sworn in with his hand of Martin Luther King’s Bible and the Lincoln Bible. The United States was declared a Christian nation by the Supreme Court in 1892. They said all the Federal and State documents proved that we were a Christian nation.

Obama’s goal is to make America a part of the New World Order. He always gives generous foreign aid to Muslim countries and is carrying forth his Marxist beliefs internally. He calls the Islamic book the “Holy Koran,” but has NEVER ONCE called the Bible ‘Holy.”

God called me into His church in October 1966. Because I ran my own advertising business, I could take time to study the Bible, which I did on many occasions from 8-14 hours a day. I was not ashamed of my calling then, and I am not today.

After studying for 14 years intensely, a vision came before my eyes. It was an open Bible. I didn’t know what was happening to me. I didn’t sleep well because that open Bible was before my eyes 24 hours a day. I took the manuscript for the first Newswatch Magazine to the printer on June 23rd, 1980. When I laid the manuscript down, the vision of the Bible disappeared. I knew Who had called me.

I was not ashamed of relaying my story to anyone. WHY? God “called” me and not any man. A few people heard and began meeting with me. At a retreat in Glorietta, New Mexico, I was ordained by four men. The last asked God to “set him aside for the ministry of prophecy.” This has been the thrust of my ministry ever since.

Just because we have an illegal president that hates Christianity, our once great Christian nation, and all America has stood for in the past does not mean that my calling has been negated. It has not been negated, and I am still not ashamed of the Gospel which I was called to preach.

On May 10th, 1993, I drove my wife and mother-in-law to Texas to visit my mother-in-law’s other daughter and her grandkids and great grandkids. While site seeing at the Stockyards in Fort Worth, a life altering event took place. I went back to our mini-van alone while the others were site seeing. I felt something push against the back of my seat. There was nothing or anyone there. When I turned around, a very authoritative voice in my mind said “Get out of Missouri and move to Texas.” We drove back to Missouri and began to pack, put our house up for sale, and headed for Texas. I was not ashamed to follow Jesus Christ’s directions.

I understand HOW Jesus works. He used a vision to have Paul go to Corinth to preach the Gospel to them. God moved me to a place where people want freedom and not the federal government stepping on their rights – the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Meanwhile, I will bring Bible prophecy on our TV show on DirecTV channel 367 at 11PM CST. I am not ashamed of my calling nor the message I must preach. My job is to witness and warn America to turn back to its God and Savior Jesus Christ. If we as a nation would turn, He would cleanse our land of intruders like Socialist/Communist/Muslim Barack Obama. Jesus could restore our land and forgive our sins. The problem is: WHO WILL BE THE FIRST TO TURN FROM SIN TO JESUS OUR SAVIOR???

God sent prophets to ancient Israel, and they would not listen. Is He calling to the modern day Ten Lost Tribes of Israel to turn? This nation has gone a long way down the slippery slop of Socialism!!! Is it too late for us as a whole to change? We’ll see.

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