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‘The Great Debasement’

By David J. Smith
May 4, 2013

Corruption has dominated every government that has ever existed. Human nature offers the human race its hand that leads to greed and corruption. Early in the 20th Century, we began to see this corruption raise its head.

President Woodrow Wilson tried to get us into the League of Nations, but the Senate rejected it because it would take us into world government and lose our national sovereignty. Behind the scenes giving Wilson instructions was Col. Edward Mandell House, a Socialist/ Communist. They were instrumental in getting the Federal Reserve System started to debauch our currency, and the tax amendment. Both were planks of the Communist Manifesto!!!

Read what singer and patriot Pat Boone wrote in the foreword of Craig R. Smith and Lowell Ponte’s book The Great Debasement. “The framers of America’s Constitution followed the Biblical standard for money, specifying that the U.S. dollar be an honest measure of silver or gold.

“So long as America kept faith with this standard, between the 1820’s and the creation of the Federal Reserve Board in 1913, the purchasing power of our dollar over time actually increased in value. American prosperity grew in part from keeping our money an honest medium of exchange and a sort of reliable value trusted around the world.

“In 1913 America began ‘The Great Debasement’ of our currency, the turn from gold to today’s Federal Reserves Notes, paper fiat money, based only on political promises. And as the Bible warned [Proverbs 13:11], in less than a century the buying power of our paper dollar has dwindled to only two cents of its 1913 value.

“In this book my long-trusted friend and advisor Craig Smith and former Reader’s Digest Roving Editor Lowell Ponte explain how this happened, and how our government continues to debase the dollar as a deceptive way to tax and CONTROL us. If this is not stopped soon, the dollar is doomed. …” Pat

The Communists had a 45 point plan to destroy America. One of those 45 points was to DEBAUCH our currency and leave us in bankruptcy!!! This was the purpose of the Federal Reserve, get us off the gold and silver standard and give us PAPER FIAT MONEY not backed by silver or gold.

Look at us today. We are over 16 trillion dollars in debt, when before 1913 we were the envy of the world. The world looked upon America’s poorest as rich.

The International Communist conspiracy to debauch our currency has worked with great accuracy. Of course, the Federal Reserve is composed of International Bankers who control Communism to be the seen enemy of the United States. That’s why retiring Rep. Ron Paul’s bill to “Audit the Fed” is so important. It will reveal what the Fed’s have been using our tax money and interest on loaned money.

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